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  • Joshua M Kidd - Works greatHad to cycle my diet down and bring carbs to nearly a quarter of what they normally are for a boxing match upcoming. That means very little fiber going in and where regular, over the counter or off the shelf fiber supplements failed, this product hasn't. After about 3 days and around 12 pills consumed, on a very regular schedule of going #2. Has really helped with the bloating, stomach cramps and everything else that goes along with being backed up. Very solid product, gets my thumbs up.
  • jen - Work greatThese pills work great and they are no joke so be ready to go to the bathroom as soon as your done eating! Awesome
  • C. Fritsch "C. Fritsch, Ph.D." - This is great for travelWe purchased this item because we were going on vacation in another state and it really helped us get around. Even better when we had company we could lend them the car with this and they could find their way around including getting back home. We also liked how easy it was to use.. here's the funny part. My husband still managed to get lost because he refused to listen to it and several times had us going around in circles. So ladies.. even if it's the female voice telling your guy what to do... he may still ignore it - it's not you.. the defective listening is on the other end.