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  • Yosemite Joe - Great but Not CompleteThis diet got me on the road to healing, and gave me hope where the doctors gave me only despair and cream with a black cancer warning label.

    I found, from a very smart guy named Randall over at on the news groups, that I could "cheat" this diet almost completely except during an outbreak when going to far with alcohol, etc. The simple program I use is to take a table spoon of sweet whey (Bob's Red Mill sells it, it's VERY cheap). This feeds the "good" gut bacteria, which balance the immune system and line the gut.

    But you may have to start with a probiotic powder mixed with oil, which keeps the stomach acid from killing the probiotic. Of else you could try Flora Smart probiotics (sold here), they seem to have a special liner that works. If you really want to go after it, try thewholewhey(DOT)com. The sell a probiotic implant system, but be ready for a little surprise how it works!

    You can read all about this over at the news group I mentioned. Again, the book was great, but with the additional knowledge, I have been able to go back to a nearly normal diet for 2 years and keep the P totally clear, except for a few times when I drank a beer every day or two for a while.

    Good Luck!
  • T. Price - Digs down deeper into what your doctor did or may tell youAs a person who loves data, whose job is entirely defined by what I can and cannot learn from data, I LOVED this book and am so thankful that Emily Oster took the time to write it. Oster very cleary goes through each and every common piece of advice your doctor may give you and determines the origin of that advice with commentary on the relevant academic work(s).

    It seems to me that a lot of the reviewers are entirely hung up on the portion of the book dealing with drinking alcohol while pregnant. I suspect that many of these reviewers have not actually read the book. Oster does not condone drinking while pregnant; she merely discusses what evidence is available and encourages the reader to make their own decisions. If you have any doubt in her analyses, she has clearly cited all sources, all publicly available. Read them yourself.
  • Ty Hyderally "Ty Hyderally" - Advice on Making Healthy Food ChoicesEat this Not That! Is a useful tool for those wishing to change their eating habits without going on some fad diet that really doesn't work anyway. Zinczenko gives practical advice on which choices are healthiest. He talks about the information on nutrition labels and how to understand what they really mean. The key information is basically how to choose the healthiest options when eating. This helps prevent the feeling that you are being greatly denied. It is profitable because you can still eat but can considerably cut calories simply by making the "better" choices time and time again.
  • DJY51 - Asolutely LovelyChildren who love Barbie Dolls, and adults who collect them will love this special edition doll. It is not fair to ask about the educational value of this product, because other than taking care of it, or treating it as if it has future value, it is simply a doll. It has no special features other than its looks, nor does it pretend to. A little child who who is given this doll will cherish it, and that, for me is, the bottom line.
  • Sprout - Great, simple and fast external hard driveIt's getting to the point where there's not a whole lot to say about external hard drives. It's got a lot of capacity at 3TB. It's so quiet I can't tell it's on. It's got a simple, clean design, a nice matte black with no crazy or unnecessary elements. It's USB 3.0 so it's very fast, and it lives up to the speed expectations of the connection type. The wall wart is average in size, the included cables are of good quality.

    If you need a fast external drive with a lot of capacity and this product fits in your budget, you can't go wrong. Long-term reliability is the only other thing that would be worth mentioning and I'll update this review if I have any problems, otherwise it's currently serving me flawlessly.