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  • Bonnie Latino - Andy Andrews' BEST book yet!The author of America's beloved Forrest Gump says, "The Noticer Returns is a magical story that will change how you look at life." Far be it from me to quibble with a New York Times best-selling author, but I believe this a mystical story that will change how readers live."

    Via a well-written story, which readers have come to expect from Andrews, the author details a simple, but profound, concept of parenting. The Noticer Returns has just flown to the top of my gift-giving list - especially for expectant parents.

    One of the things I liked best was the profound nugget that perhaps America's "greatest generation" really wasn't. Is that blasphemy? Probably. However, Andrews illustrates that the real greatest generation was the one that raised the men and women who are accepted as our finest. Does that make sense? You bet it does. Had the men and women who fought and won World War II been raised by parents (and grandparents) who had different values and had made less time to raise their children, would their children have been willing to go through all they endured for years?

    I was stunned to see the book dedicated to someone from my hometown of Atmore, AL, Dr. Will Baker. My guess is this book began with a conversational question from Dr. Baker: "The question is, what is the question?" I think Andy Andrews solved the maddening riddle --as only he could have--and this book is the result. I had to smile when I encountered the character of Baker Larson. Nice additional tip of the hat to Dr. Baker.

    I have always believed Andy Andrews to be smart. The Noticer Returns shows new literary maturity--and downright brilliance. I have no doubt that his publisher knows this manuscript was worth the wait. Congratulations to author and publisher.

    This book is truly the best of Andrews' unique career that began decades ago with what seemed his chance encounter under a pier with a man named Jones, not Mr. Jones. Just Jones.

    Andy Andrews' only problem--and that of his publisher--now becomes . . . how do you top your own gold standard?

    [Bonnie Bartel Latino is a former columnist for Stars and Stripes/Europe. She is co-author of the award-winning, inspirational military love story, Your Gift to Me.]

    Fair disclosure: I received an advance paperback copy from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.
  • Rhonda Kennedy - SolidMust have for medical students who want to ace the step 1 exam. Good reviews for each basics science and it is a good review while in your blocks
  • Hilary Ben-Ami "StudentCoaching" - uncover your innate artistI tell all my clients to buy this book. Julia Cameron designed it to be a workbook that is followed individually, but I did this book with a group of 8 other women. Ten years later, four of us still meet on Wednesday nights to empower our future artistic creations. Two years ago I had a photography show with one of the other women. I do not think this would have come about without the wisdom of the morning pages and the artist date.
  • JudyP - Couldn't live without it!I have used the Chillow since 1996, when I discovered it! In the morning I fold it, put it in a ziplock bag & put it the refrigerator. When I'm ready for bed I take it out & put it on my pillow (inside the case) & sleep like a baby! I'm only on my 2nd one since 1996. If you like your pillow will absolutely love the Chillow! Do
    yourself a favor & get one!
  • Zahara Heckscher "zahara" - The best resource for career changersI've been in the workforce for about 25 years, and every time I go through a job change, I get the current edition of this book. Here's what I like about this book:

    * The exercises that demonstrate how to assess your own skills, a task that is harder than it sounds.

    * The helpful factual information about job searches, presented with humor

    * The section on finding your calling or mission

    * The guidance on informational interviewing

    * The practical wisdom about handling the emotional stress of the job search

    * The sensitive way that Dick Bolles discusses how his spiritual and religious beliefs influence his view of job searches and career changes, without alienating those (like me) who are not Christian.

    * The kind tone that he takes throughout the book

    I highly recommend it for job seekers of all ages, including those who are in the mid career stage.