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  • Bass Cadet - Everyone Loves It!As a family that has grown up with Leapfrog toys, this is the best of the lot. We started with the Little Touch LeapPad, moved to the original LeapPad Learning System, acquired a couple of LeapFrog TAG pens, and have gone through many single purpose Leapfrog toys. This is definitely my children's favorite. Out of the box, the included apps have held their attention and imagination far longer than expected. In particular, the cartoon maker and camera are big hits.

    I bought several cartridges, and they were excited to try them out. So far, we have SpongeBob SquarePants: The Clam Prix, Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, I SPY Super Challenger Learning Game, and Disney Pixar Brave. I like that these teach different subjects such as spelling (The Clam Prix), math (Tinkerbell), and science (Brave). I haven't tried the others but I thought The Clam Prix was fun to play, almost like Mario Kart.

    Given a choice, my children would choose to play with a Nintendo DS or a tablet computer, but they will choose to play with the LeapPad 2 over any studying or practice. That and the design and construction for smaller hands make me happy to let them play with it.
  • Rose Red - As good as it gets for candida treatmentI have upgraded to the fivelac version of this product from threelac it has solved all the issues I was confounded with in before (it has acidopholus & bifidus along with the three strains of candida eating bacteria inside). I have CFS, and have been tested for Ebstein Barr, Candida, & Hypothyroid - with positive results for all. I've found after 5 years, I cannot live without my T3(thyroid medication), Fivelac, Thorne Mediclear & a Ph Balanced Diet - otherwise I cannot function enough to keep all my affairs in order. After trying a zillion products, practitioners & spending thousands of $$$$ - this is what I've been left with. BTW - if u have a dianosed hypothyroid - go see an endocrinologist! Abandon that unconventional overpriced CFS doctor!! (Holtorf Medical Group in Torrance is a rip-off!) Hope this helps!
  • J. White - Essential Tool For Young ProfessionalsI had an opportunity to hear Mr. Yates speak in person during one of his collegiate events and learned more from him in two hours than I thought possible. This book gives you all the information you need to compose an excellent resume and it provides tips on how to have a successful interview. Mr. Yate's methods for resume building are much more effective then the classic methods we all learned in college. For anyone looking for guidance on how to be a more competitive job applicant, please must invest in this book.