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  • Zev Bazarov - Great album by a great bandThis is a 2 disc concept album by Pink Floyd released in 1979, about a rock star's life, his decent into madness, and the consequences. This is an exploration of life's pressures, and tragedies that can cause someone to snap. Every song is good, as they can stand on their own, but when all together they tell the story. The music is great, played very well, with great solos, drumming, and keyboards. There is also some good acoustic tracks as well. The sound quality is also top notch. You can hear every instrument very clearly. This is another classic from Pink Floyd. If your ready for a trip into a personal hell, with great classic rock music, it doesn't get better than this. 5 stars. Also check out the film based on this.
  • michael galic - BEST INSURANCE:Peaceful and Dignifying ExitGreat comfort is to know that peaceful pill DOES exist.
    Somehow, SUFFERING, POVERTY, and PAIN are tolerated by the LEGAL HEALTH LAW. However, right to end SUFFERING is NOT!
    Highly recommend this book as the BEST INSURANCE against cruel suffering and the seller.
  • Life Learner "Absorber Of Books" - The Most Important Book For Men Who Interact With WomenThis is the Manosphere condensed into one volume. This is the most important reading for men who interact with women at any level. This explains *everything* of importance about them. If you have not read this book, you are not getting as much Cooperation as you could and are putting yourself and your future in imminent danger as you are ignorant how attraction really works. Women should read this book and give it to their male family members to help them stay out of divorce court. This book should be re-read every 3 months. Rating: 9.9875 of 10.
  • pShoe - Great TabletI know another iPad2 comparison review, but that is the standard to compare all tablets too. I am an owner of an iPad2 and a TF201. Hands down, I enjoy the TF201 more. More customization, easier user experience, and the build quality is great. I have had zero Wifi issues. The browser experience is not as good as the iPad, but I will update my review if ICS makes a different in that area.