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  • hisgirl1976 - saw norton in actionI purchased this for my laptop & it was very simple to install. Took about an hour to do a full system scan & fixed a few things on my lap top now its running faster. It came with the option to download it on 3 computers so i put it on my sisters lap top & it found she had 2 viruses so it led me to the norton web site & i was able to download the power eraser for free & it took the viruses out! I saw first hand how good this was & for 20 bucks to download it i think its well worth it!
  • AaronSki Mac-e-Mac "AaronSki Mac-e-Mac" - takes time to get controls downtakes time to get controls down but once u do a lot of fun takes time to unlock plays r u can pay for it best graphics ever seen on a tablet game
  • Lisa Kassabaum - Love the Orajel Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment!I love Orajel single dose. I applied it as soon as the cold sore came on. The first day after applying it to my cold sores it was barely noticeable. By day three it was gone!!I have tried every new cold sore treatment that comes out and this is the best yet. No more suffering for a week. So glad I now have a treatment that I can rely on!
  • shelbzilla - If you like Dan Brown, you will not be disappointed!Dan Brown is a literary genius, and this is by far my favorite novel of his. I think I enjoyed it so much because I can relate to both sides of the argument at hand. I'm not going to include any spoilers but just read this asap if you enjoy art history and/or suspense thrillers!

    Edit: Some people are saying the novel is predictable. I don't believe that any (or at least most) of you could've predicted the twists, so nice try! The style is similar to the other Langdon novels but the topics and storylines are always different. Inferno really hits home because the issue in this novel is such a real and pressing matter that CANNOT be ignored. Even if you didn't enjoy the book, I hope you were at least enlightened on the topic that Brown presented.