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  • Regina S - I loved the game.I'm a Jillian fan, but didn't love her last game. This one I love. It's very functional. I think the person who couldn't figure out the remote just isn't sure how to use their console and controller. Also, I love the adventure mode in this. It feels like you are an action hero running through a mission while you get your workout. Also, my kids really like it as well.
  • GAL "GAL" - it's a miracle workerI bought this for my adolescent daughter because she suffers from PMS about a week before, then 3 more days into it she starts to feel human again. I'd looked into Premsyn and other products before and it just seemed like a whole lot of ibuprofen and some had caffeine, which is the LAST thing you need when you're feeling like crap. I totally agree with the other reviewers that this Premsyn is the original, the real deal - containing the ingredients that work. I use it too as I'm menopausal and could use all the help I can get. It has been a little miracle worker for my daughter and I'm SO grateful for the 3 Pack because we're going to run out pretty soon.
  • S. M. Hadley "FerryFan" - Prejudiced reviews.Many of the people that have reviewed this book in the last few days have not read this book. They are simply reacting prejudiciously to the author testifying at a high profile murder case. To misjudge someone's work, to destroy their character and expertise in this way is, in my opinion, a criminal act. Please do not judge your decide of this book on these recent reviews.