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  • Danielle M. King "deemkay" - Small enough to carry in your pocket, with all the key information you need at your side.I like my larger drug book, the information is great- but it isn't easy to carry around due to its bulk and weight. This is the perfect solution. There are nursing interventions, medication interactions, side effects- everything you need for drug cards for school, plus it is great for use after school is over to carry when working.

    Can't say enough about this little item, this will now be my go-to when ordering new guides in the future.
  • RandomK - Slick TabletJaw dropping performance, decent battery life (absolutely unmatched if using the dock), removable storage, HDMI out, ICS, and one of the best tablet screens around. Went to this from a TF101 (another great tablet) and it was a solid upgrade. It cannot be overstated just how much ICS improves upon prior Android versions. It's like the difference between Windows 95 and Windows 7, so if you've tried Android in the past and found it lacking in polish it's time for another look. This thing is Sexy with a capital S. Don't be a sheep, try this baby out and you will never look back.

    I haven't had any GPS issues, though many have reported problems. Asus has said they are working to correct the issue, and I would take their word for it given my experience with their other products (laptops, desktop and server motherboards, etc). That said, if GPS is critical to your selection in a tablet I would probably look elsewhere, as I don't expect the TF201 will ever be perfect in this regard. More Tegra 3 tablets will be available soon, or you could borrow your grandparent's iPad.