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  • Jeremy Fuller - Perfect stand for your SelectTech weightsI purchased this stand at the same time I bought the Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells.

    As with any Bowflex product I've experienced, the construction is of very sturdy quality and aesthetically pleasing. The instructions were fairly easy to follow and I had this stand assembled in less than 30 minutes.

    Once the weights are placed on the stand, they feel very solid and I never feel as if they're under any risk of falling off. There's also an extra measure added in the form of a clip strap for those who might be worried they will fall off or if you have small children around them.

    I prefer placing the dumbbells on the stand because they're off the ground which makes them easier to pick up, I'm above average height (6'5"), so bending down to pick up the weights can become a bit of a pain.

    Overall, I would definitely recommend this product for owners of the Bowflex SelectTech weights.
  • - SCD works!I've been on SCD for more than two years, it really works! Even living a busy life as a mother and business owner in NYC I find this diet easy to follow. SCD is much easier then being sick! While strictly following SCD I have been able to travel on many occasions. I've been to Europe twice without problems. When I'm either traveling or at home I always eat out in fine restaurants without difficulties. I order my favorite foods, grilled steak, fish, lobster, shrimp, or chicken. Ordered with fresh vegetables, salads, and fruit & cheese for desert never makes me feel different then my dining companions. I can even drink wine. One is only limited by their imagination on this diet. I love to cook so I easily find all types of recipes to convert into a version to fit the SCD. The SCD has given me my life back from years of drugs, flare ups and constantly dashing off to find a bathroom! I was desperately searching for a way to get off drugs when I found the scdiet.org website. I gave it an honest try and it worked. Finally got off the drugs and never looked back! Elaine Gottshall I don't know where I'd be without your book and the SCD. I only wish my doctor had given me the choice to start following a diet like this when I was first diagnosed with colitis.
  • Angus Ted - Excellent product from AmazonI ordered this item in November as a Christmas gift, but received a notice from Amazon that due to high demand it would not arrive until late into January. I was surprised and thrilled to have received it one week before Christmas! Thanks, Amazon! The Kindle is a terrific, easy to use device. The screen is amazing - easy on the eyes and very clear. I highly recommend this purchase.
  • Dee Martin - Indispensible book for frequent referenceWhen the last life-upsetting event happened within my family, all I could do was sit and cry-until the 3rd day, when my loving daughter-in-law offered to loan me her "Life Code" book to read. I agreed and began that day. By the end of the first chapter, I realized that I had stopped crying. By the end of the second chapter, my headache was gone and by the end of the third chapter, a whole bunch of lights were coming on, related to being able to "peg" a few characters in my environment whom I have had past (and present) dealings with. I couldn't put the book down! I had to return the book and thanked my sweet D-I-L for "savng my life" BUT! I immediately downloaded this book to my Kindle-where I can re-read it (and I certainly do!), anytime I want or need to. In a word, this book is INDISPENSIBLE!!
  • Wendy S. Restivo - Soul surferThe one major conflict in the book soul surfer is after the attack of vicious shark, Bethany has to overcome her fear of the ocean and overcome the loss of her arm.She solved this major conflick by getting used to the ocean.Also she works extremly hard to learn to keep her balance on the surf board with only one arm.
    I think the main character in soul surfer, Bethany Hamiltonand the main character tobias Mcivey in the book A land Remembered are very similar.These two characters both have huge obstacles in there life.They both never give up and always perservere.They are different because tobias's problems he faces are mostly about his family,house and cattle.For example when all his cattle got killed by hurricane.Another example is when the confederate soliders bured down his house and killed his animals.While Bethany's obstacles happen after her horrible encounter with a shark resulting with her own arm.Now bethany has to learn how to surf with one arm.Also she has to get over the fear of of the ocean.If these two characters were to meet I think they whould get along great.I think this because because they could help eachother because they both know how to get through struggles in their life.
    If i were a famous author my Jacketblurb for this book whould be...Ready for exitment?Ready for the story of a professional surfer.Now imagine you were a professional surfer and YOU lost your arm to a shark attack.Your Bethany Hamilton.This is her story....
    I whould definetly recomend this book to anyone.I whould recomend this book because first it is a amazing story.Secondly because it can help peolple that are going through struggles know that they are not the only ones.Lastly she shows all her readers how to be strong and feirce against many things.I think my friend Aly whould love to read this book.I think this because she loves to surf and she whould learn about a proffesional surfer who went through a shark attack and lost a arm.My friend aly whould be inspired by this book.Everyone who reads this book i think will be inspired.