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  • AcerAcer - Never Found Anything BetterI have never found anything better for "spot treatment" of acne than this product. I've been using it for years. Something starts popping up, I put the proactiv on it overnight, and usually it's gone or significantly down by morning.

    Proactiv has gone from having a manned kiosk in my local mall, to a vending machine. I hate that! I am so happy to be able to buy this product from sellers on amazon.
  • Hannah - You have to be very strict on this diet, but it will work.My husband has been on the SCD since 2009. He was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 2008. Before the diet, he had frequent BMs and a lot of blood in the stool. He had to go on Prednisone to get that under control. Since the diet, his BMs are usually normal and he is only on Azathiaprine - he has managed to stay away from steroids this entire time. His blood work is great. This may or may not be a miracle fix for you - for instance, he still feels nausea, fatigue, and cramping on some occasions. But his symptoms have been greatly reduced. When he first started he was too sick to cook for himself and I took over the cooking. On my end, I have become a huge cooking enthusiast. I make all of his food for him and even blog about it now ( He was on his way to severe Crohn's disease and while this is not a 100% fix, he now experiences mild Crohn's disease on a daily basis and can live a mostly normal life. You need to stick to the diet religiously - think of this more like Atkins or Kosher - you're eating that way, or you're not. It works if you are strict with it. We've had to start the diet over once after a family member fed him SCD illegal food and caused a flare up. But if you're strict, it'll seriously help you.
  • Cadman808 - Norton Antivirus 2013 - Download verision is super easy!!Purchasing software from Amazon.com saves a bunch of $$ and convenient with download option. I use my judgement on which software I download from website. If software is expensive one like Autocad LT 2012, I like to order hard copy version. You make the decision which works best for you! I stopped buying used computer software from eBay, because I got burned many times buying software from people who are not authorized dealers. You can buy computer software from Amazon.com with confidence!
  • Joleen - Shame on you all.Where did you all learn your values?? I can't believe every one of you would actually sit here and be so degrading to other human beings. When did everyone become so immoral?? I believe that everyone has a right to their own opinion. And I firmly believe that everyone should respect each other. There is nothing wrong with disagreement, but to sit and abuse each other is down right disgusting. People, please gain some maturity. There is nothing wrong with being conservative OR liberal. The thing that is wrong is when people slander others for their beliefs. You are all a disgrace to human kind.
  • karen a. carpenter - Stills is back.Saw them on this tour, and was (and still am) amazed at the resurgence of Stills. He has learned how to deal with the decline in his voice, and Crosby and Nash seemed at peace with adjusting their harmonies a little to compensate. As good a concert as when they were in their prime. I can't seem to get the CD's out of my player.