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  • Scott Ayotte - Great phoneThe biggest downside of this phone is the "small" app market and there is a version of every app I ever really used on my two previous phones. I owned an Iphone 3Gs (which I liked) and replaced that with a Motorola Atrix (which I liked also for different reasons but it was glitchier than the Iphone) and this is my favorite of the three. I was looking for a new phone because the Atrix was getting really slow and it was between the 920 the Galaxy S III and the Iphone 5. I've played with the Iphone 5 and it's nice and I would have been more than happy with it but the Home screen isn't as good and I actually like the heftier phone. The android was nice because of all the customization but after about a day I didn't do much with it and I had more problems syncing with my computer than my Iphone. The only caution I give on this phone is it seems it mightbe hard to use if you have small hands but maybe a smaller handed reviewer could comment on that. I'd buy this phone again in a heartbeat and the more people that buy it, the better the app marketplace will get. If the rating was out of 10 I'd give it a 9. It's not perfect, but it's pretty close.
  • Steven Portera "steve-sr" - Where are The Bathrooms?After years of travelling on business trips, going shopping to the mall, grocery shopping or just taking a trip to nowhere, my first question was "where are the bathrooms? I have suffered many years with the bloating, gas, blood, intestinal pain and diarrhea followed by weight loss. Also how many sleepless nights can one take because of the constant intestinal rumblings? This book has been a lifesaver for me. It is not an easy diet to follow but you must be persistent. Elaine's book helped me to the point where I'm no longer on medication and I am no longer looking for the bathroom when traveling!
  • Buckeye Nancy "teacher & grandmother; loves b... - Never go to Europe without Rick StevesBased on my experience for the last twelve years, I would never plan a trip or go on a trip without the appropriate Rick Steves guide. We are going to Italy for the first time this fall. We will book our trip using his recommendations. We've always stayed in small local hotels he recommends - never been disappointed. And these hotels put you with Americans who travel on your scale or with European travelers. Part of going to Europe is to immerse yourself in that country, not to replicate U.S. hotels filled with Americans. We use his restaurant ideas, exploring tips, etc. On the trip, we tear out the pages we need and take just that part to lighten the packing load and provide information on the spot. Then it becomes a guide to putting your trip pictures and info. into shape after you are home.
    Italy is filled with so many diverse sites and cultures that you need guidance to make the choices. And Rick Steves gives you the best information to have a terrific trip.