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  • Lc1009 - Can't put the book down!This book has helper me understand more about all the toxins in so many products. Easy read, but super fun to read. I didn't think I'd toss my old products in my home like other reviewed, but after reading her book, I have! It's really making me want to have a healthier lifestyle (but keeping it fun and simple!) for myself and my family. I've purchased her products on the honest website. Their AWESOME. It's worth going Eco and yet, her advice and products if you choose to by from her, are affordable. I'm obsessed with this book. Thank you!
  • Ask Althea - Great communications replacement including phone...lolI love this tablet. Of all the droid tablets, it's the most functional because it has a keyboard.

    Pros: Aluminum case, auto update to latest ICS with zero issues, GPS dongle - Asus fixed the problem instead of ignoring it, great screen glass and very responsive/accurate, extra connection slots - USB, micro HDMI, extra life with the keyboard/docking station. Basic desktop apps in the office bundle that are enough to make edits but not robust enough to replace MS Office. Lighter than my laptop or the only HP tablet with touchscreen (though I like that, too). Love the Android apps. NO NEED TO BUY A WIRELESS CARRIER BUNDLE. Meh, I use my Verizon Mi-Fi when I need it, but Wi-Fi is almost ubiquitous. It's a great phone with Skype or my Vonage mobile app. Will eventually tether to my mobile phone, but I like this better than the mobile phone because of the screen size, so may go the other way and drop my mobile carrier altogether...lol.

    Cons: Had to root it to remove all the bloatware. Managed to do it without bricking it, which is sort of scary, but tons of root support out there in the universe. Even more functionality now. The GPS dongle (need it, but hate it). Because I have Mi-Fi, I don't have distance issue to a Wi-Fi hot spot. I prefer the aluminum case to plastic. Upgrade options - always need more storage and memory. Wondering about Windows 8 on this tablet...

    Got it at a fantastic price on Amazon about 4 months ago. The price seems to be jumping around a lot. If you want it, watch the price and pounce when it goes below $600. If you hate it, you can return it in 30 days.
  • Anne fan "Lisa" - Love this book!I absolutely LOVE this book. The writing- it's just so intimate and personal, as if you're hearing the story in person from a good friend. And the drawings and photos are just so lovely. You will laugh out loud often. I love to read it in the mornings with my tea. Have bought more as gifts for close friends. What a great gift! What a great book!
  • DSD "mzdee" - Now that you put it that wayI got this as a promo with TurboTax. I'm pretty good with money but not the kind of person who puts pen to paper routinely. Well, Quicken changed my perspective, showing me where I really need to tweak some things. I wasn't outrageous, but I can do better in some categories. I love that it pulls data from all of the accounts and smacks me on the head with it.
  • Erica - Exactly What I ExpectedMy boyfriend is a bit of a health freak when it comes to plastics and teflon (our house is anti-teflon), so when I saw the Orgreenic Pan in the store, it was an impulse buy. We greased it as instructed and were pleasantly surprised when our first fried eggs lifted right off --we were not expecting it to work as well as the tacky commercials suggest.

    It is important that you DON'T scratch the surface with the rough part of your sponge, steel wool, or even metal utensils. If you do scratch it, your surface will no longer be non-stick. If we've used it to make something particularly greasy, sometimes we have to soak it and use our pan scrapper: Progressive International Colored Pan Scraper to get the burned food off.

    We have had it for a few months and have yet to run into a problem with it. I recommend this product.

    My boyfriend recently admitted to me that he has used the rough side of the sponge to scrub as hard as he could to clean this pan. He said he's impressed that it did little to no damage. I will admit that this product does not work as well now as it did the first time we used it. However, it still works better than any teflon, "non-stick" pan I've ever used, and I'm honestly impressed that it withheld being scrubbed! Once again, I recommend this product.