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  • Michelle Rayburn - Five Big Smackeroos for "Kiss"Ted Dekker knows how to spin a tale that makes the improbable seem possible. Whether it is a child who can heal multitudes as in "Blessed Child" or a woman who can steal memories from others through physical touch and emotional vulnerability as in "Kiss", Dekker's stories make the surreal come alive. In "Kiss" Dekker joins with author Erin Healy in creating a story that keeps the reader on edge and looking over his or her shoulder, never knowing who can be trusted. Although the story is billed by some as a romance, that isn't the central theme of the book. Heart-warming relational connections do find their way into the story, but the real thrill is in the suspense of a good mystery and in the psychological phenomena woven tightly in the plot.

    Dekker's writing has drawn me in like few authors can. I hesitated to pick up the books because I'm not a fan of Sci-Fi or Fantasy fiction. But now I see that his writing is neither. There are no aliens or fantasy creatures. Instead, his style introduces supernatural events in everyday situations. Healy adds enough of the feminine touch to this story that both male and female readers will enjoy this gripping account of emotional healing and reconciliation. I give "Kiss" five big smackeroos.
  • cooltoo - I wish I could find another oneCan't find these anymore. I would love to find one for 2014. Comes in so handy for elderly people who have plenty of doctor appointments. You can just put it on your fridge and see what's up for the week.
  • Laurelinden - Impressed!I just purchased this machine to replace an old coffee maker, and I couldn't be happier with my decision. This made a delicious latte that both me and my husband loved, and the recipe book included is full of flavor ideas. We do use 2% milk, so it's a little less frothy than it could be with skim, but still foams up nicely. I haven't had any troubles with leaking water, crumpling filters, or seeing the water line as some of the other reviewers - it's working great and cleanup is easy, though you need to make sure to do it by hand since there are electrical components that should not be immersed in water. The process is very quick, and I love that it automatically turns off when the cycle is complete. I recommend rinsing that machine out immediately after use to prevent the milk from gumming up, which is best way to preserve the machine over time (only takes a few moments, and your coffee will be plenty hot). As far as the latte itself, cutting slightly back on the milk and using a strong, dark roast gives the most authentic flavor.

    The machine has great utility; it can make lattes, hot chocolate, or plain coffee. If you want regular coffee, just add water to the 1c line in the top and bottom (in place of milk). I have not yet used it to make hot chocolates, but all you have to do differently is set the machine to the heat and froth setting and it will bypass brewing and simply heat and foam the pitcher contents. Overall, I think it's a great purchase for the price, and will soon pay for itself regardless. Recommended.