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  • Angel D. Puckett - Absolutely loved it!The family dynamics of three generations are revealed in this riveting novel. The rippling emotions and ultimate pain of a mother with her adult children and the unconditional love for her grandchildren. This novel touches upon many aspects of what many women of color have experienced and demonstrates the amazing strength and love we have! Only Terri McMillan can make you laugh and cry in the same chapter!
  • Richard A. Lasaracina - Great Book- Great Diet!My doctor asked me to read this book and to understand the concept. I started the diet and I'm progressing. To early to tell, but I'm hopeful.
  • Luvmykindle - Entertaining story!I really enjoyed this book...a fun read! This was more like the authors older works. I think it would help to have read 'Still Life With Crows' before beginning this story.....
    I should mention that this free sample does an excellent job of leaving you hanging at an exciting part of the story...lucky for me my hubby was reading White Fire from the library so I used his copy to finish the book:)