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  • C. Torrillo "Kring" - The Best - AirPlay ChampionHere was my situation - I moved and didn't feel like putting in the effort to wiring the entire house for speakers, amp, IR control, etc... And the cost to do all that can be hundreds. So I set out trying to get an AirPlay speaker even if it was to hold us over for a year. Well two months of trying different units I ended up here. And before the first song was done playing I was hooked.

    First - iHome's WL1 - I liked the mobility and battery life but HORRIBLE sound quality, sounds like a pillow was on it, it tries to over emphasize the bass to the point where it flopped the speakers at 1/2 volume.. went back in 2 days. (also went back because if iPhone 4S issues of dropout which later was identified as an Apple defect that's still not fixed, so note that the 4S is not compatible with ANY, AirPlay devices at all... not until they release iOS 5.1 some time in Feb 2012 or beyond)

    Second - Bose - OK sound but weak and not real AirPlay (didn't realize when I purchased) - went strait back

    Third - Philips sound ring - far better sounding then the iHome, but battery life was short 1-2 hours depending on volume, much less then iHome, and the bass was awkward...

    Fourth - Philips 8800 sound curve - I gave up on battery power and decided that I needed a plugin and focus more on sound quality. I was extremely happy with this unit, it had great sound, look, and fit in all the places I wanted to put it... I planned on keeping this unit and most people may want to stop here... it's a fantastic speaker.

    Fifth - However, Amazon had a huge 30% discount on this 9800 & 6800 units, so I couldn't resist and ordered both... well the 9800's arrived first, plugged in and placed the speakers about 16 feet apart, setup the airplay which is super easy and began playing parts of songs to test the quality, I started with high quality acoustic & vocals like Jack Johnson, Paula Fuga, Nora.... VERY rich and clean, the right tones that I expected, well balanced... I then moved to more blues and instruments like Amos Lee, Matt Costa, Beck, Beastie boys instrumentals... Perfect sound reproduction to my ears, I couldn't find fault in what I was hearing. Lastly I wanted to test out the lows and volume and played LMFAO (kids current favorite), Citizen Cope, G Love and even some heavy stuff like Tool and it took it all without stress. The lows were deep, enough to feel it and hear it on another floor of the house and at high volume it never flopped out... the High's hung in and stayed crisp. These are fantastic. I didn't bother to test the smaller 6800's.

    So in the end, I have to say they are amazing in sound quality, AirPlay is great, it's somewhat portable as you only need a single speaker so I just disconnect the 2nd and I can move the primary speaker outside or to another room in seconds. I was hesitant to get the Philips brand because of historical quality and I do notice significant different between base consumer products like philips/sony/pioneer and the good stuff Onkyo, Denon, HK... but these make a great showing and there really is no competition... I did not try the Zeppelin Air, it gets good reviews but I was not a fan of the look.

    Yes these are expensive, but they are fantastic and won't disappoint. And volume wise, these fill a 32 x 26 room with ease at 1/2 volume, any higher and people start to have to yell over.. it does have a true 50W RMS (equal to Sony's 1200watt receivers)
  • DCS - Great tblet for kids...Its a great trablet for kids for learning and having fun growing...this will keep them off from your adult grade tablets and touch screen phones...
  • H. Heather - Easy setupI only just purchased my AeroGarden, so I have nothing to harvest just yet, but I wanted to comment on the high quality of the package, and the ease of setup. I was very pleasantly surprised. The instruction manual was clearly written and diagrammed. You simply screw in the light bulbs, attach the light to the base, add water, drop the seed packets into their slots (clearly marked), cover them, plug it in, drop in a couple of tablets and you're good to go.

    The salad greens seed kit was included in the package, but I started with the herbs, which I ordered separately. Apparently there are additional seed packets under development. Also, the grow light is indeed very, very bright but it's easy to program for nighttime shut-off.
  • D. Campbell "music lover" - I needed this bookWhen I finally 'went crazy'in a relationship, and had my eyes opened for me about my crazy behavior, I bought this book and read about myself on every page. This book is a life saver for me. It is loving, kind, gentle, and understanding. She's been there, done that, and recovered. I can recover, too. I had long thought that my love mechanism was screwed up by intense childhood abandonment, but now I understand it lots better and see a path to health. Thank you so much.
  • FizzleBang "mom, working professional, midwes... - The only baby book you need!As of this writing I have a 3 week old at home, and as first time parents I bet we pick up the Baby 411 book a dozen times a day.

    - Intuitive index
    - Amazing ability to anticipate my questions
    - A dash of humor thrown into the text

    - Zero. Seriously. Buy this book.