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  • lovingliterature - Orange book, catchy name, but there's more to it than that.David Platt did an excellent job of presenting solid information in a way that appeals on both the emotional and logical plains rather than solely to one. This is a desirable quality, indeed.

    While multiple note-worthy titles proclaim the need to truly grasp the truths of the Bible and live them out, I believe that David Platt's sincere and passionate plain-speaking about global perspective (the bright orange cover and cool catch phrase didn't hurt any either, I'm sure) seem to have given this one a 'head and shoulders above the rest' boost.

    The message that Christianity transcends the American dream is sorely needed in a time when Christianity's bad name is primarily garnered by those who do little more than latch onto 'key concepts' and disregard the rest or those who go to church on Sunday and live out their own version of saving grace the rest of the week. On the other hand, in a world full of people who are tapped out and still asking, "Am I doing enough?" the whole: Let's get radical about our faith idea could feel like just another thing we fall short on.

    Fortunately, David Platt seems to have taken these both into account as he wrote this book. His challenging words may turn your perspective on its ear, but his actual challenges as put forth in the book are pretty basic. Basic, in this case, is not meant to be a negative. Truly, following Christ in a radical way LOOKS rather ordinary at times, at least to the people living it. As a mother at home with young children for the majority of my week, it is easy to look to those doing 'greater, more glorious' things and wonder what I'm missing. How refreshing it was to see challenges that can be conceivably completed while reserving time to invest in the raising of godly children. In fact, since the challenges can encompass the whole family, they are not only compatible to my current goal, but also supportive of it. How refreshing! Instead of adding more 'extracurricular activities' these line right up with what we are trying to do anyway. In addition, Platt is convinced that you need not commit to these things for the rest of your life. It is a challenge, but one he only asks us to undertake for a single year which leaves us with something that is all around doable and a good way to stretch ourselves spiritually.

    Just a few of the points I really appreciated:

    We neglect to look too long and hard at the God of the Bible, because we know will find ourselves in such awe as to inspire repercussions we are reluctant to face.

    We need not be/have the best, brightest to make a difference... the power of God is sufficient.

    The refreshing reminder that death is not a tragedy, but a great gain... and since that is the case what, really, is there to fear from living as God desires?

    It is more beneficial to read the Bible, even Leviticus, than the best, most up and coming Christian book (including this one)

    I am ever so grateful for this push to think outside the American box.
  • Neil - Great readI just ordered and read the book several times. As a registered nurse in oncology I see bowel problems galore! I also have IBD (as one Gastroenterologist labeled it). I decided just to try some concepts without implementing the actual diet. All I did was elimitate dairy, and layed really low on breads and complex sugars for one week. OK, did have some issues with complex sugars. BUT, I did notice a drastic decrease in diarrhea. This morning I ate buttermilk pancakes made with oats, rice and wheat, with real maple syrup. Wasn't 15 minutes and explosive diarrhea. This is my own little proof that there is DEFINITELY something to the science in this book. PLEASE NOTE - I am not advocating improving your diet. I am advocating you follow the diet as outlined! I'm looking forward to diving in myself in the next week.

    I actually appreciated the length of this short book. It's not overly medical or scientific. Anybody with a basic reading comprehension level SHOULD be able to follow the theories and diet. This book doesn't go into all the myriad of bowel disorders, but treats them all the same and tackles them with diet only (not meds or surgery). If I were given a choice to have my colon cut out or change my diet, I'd choose the latter thanks. I feel the author was qualified as a microbiologist to write this especially since her family was helped by it's effects. Also, I feel that it was well researched. The first several chapters are devoted to the research of others, which were breakthroughs in their time, which guided the author to what is this diet program. If this book doesn't answer all your questions there are several great websites out there that will. The recipies are easy to follow. I do wish there was a calorie count and breakdown nutritionally. I could see how someone could get out of balance without them. I was floored by the gut-brain connection and can think of several psych hospitals that should pilot this diet! BTW these concepts are NOT covered in nursing school, and doubtless mecial either. Which makes me ask, "WHY NOT?"

    I've seen a small number of pretty bad reviews of this book and it sounds to me they did not follow protocol, or they are just mock readers (haters). From my perspective, this is a well balanced diet and there is a section on supplementation to those who need it. Of course, if you limit yourself by cutting out major parts of this diet (like meat) then you should expect problems (like iron and vitamin b12 issues leading to possibly severe anemia). I thought I have is that it is sad when people get into the thought pattern that unless we eat grain products or junk food we'll lose all sorts of weight. In one sense, calories are calories. But this is not a carb-free diet, or a vegan diet for that matter.

    Finally, I've read testimony after testimony of its benefits and healing properties. Also, since reading this book, I've noticed there are more people with bowel disorders than I once suspected! In one week alone I met several families that were completely wrecked with celiac or autism. I thought it my duty to recommended the book to these families. One dear woman gave me the biggest hug and thanked me in advance for her son.

    Hope this helps someone in need!
  • Doctor P "Huzzah!" - Don't obsess about the price!Most maritime insurance companies will reimburse you for the price of this book and you will receive a discount for your large ship collision rider if you return a proof of purchase to them (at least this is true of my insurer, Lloyd's of London)!

    Happy (and safe) sailing shipmates!