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  • Romulus - Dramatic improvement in performanceI'm extremely pleased with my purchase. Replacing my hard drive with this SSD, took my (low-end) Acer Aspire 5742 (4GB) laptop to a whole new level. System boot and shutdown times have noticeably decreased. Every click of my mouse actions an almost instantaneous response. Even "resource hogs" like Adobe Web Premium exhibit a dramatic improvement in performance with over half the features running simultaneously. The over-all gain in resposivenenss and productivity have made my purchase a worthwhile investment.

    To get the most out of your SSD, I would suggest to all new users to read, "How to take full advantage of your Solid State Drive" - by Lifehacker and "Windows 7 and SSD -- Get the most out of your computer" by Crucial.

    Thank you to the seller, Good Luck Buyers for excellent customer service and fast shipping. 5-Stars.
  • Monika Blazewicz - Excellent Drug GuideThis book is a great reference for medications for nurses.
    Contains relevant nursing considerations for all medications, including patient education points.
    It's arranged alphabetically, but the appendices contain lists of drugs commonly used for certain medical conditions.
    Also like that it covers the less frequently used drugs (like antineoplastics).

    Just a word of caution for Australian and British nurses: some drug names used in Australia and Britain do have different names in North America (paracetemol is just one example), so you need to be cautious about this. A quick google search usually helps.
  • Bryan Smith "Author of The Freakshow" - Iceberg recommendedThis book is a huge favorite of icebergs everywhere. I am only sad that this brilliant tome was not written earlier as some of my iceberg ancestors might have benefited hugely from it. Our might kind might also have been spared an unfair historical reputation. But better late than never. Iceberg recommended.
  • Idiosyncrat - Extremely useful book.This book is a perfect source for secret keys for cryptography. Every time I need a secret key to send a super secret message to my CIA overlords, I just open this book to a random page, and use that. With 600 pages to choose from, it'll be well over a year before I have to reuse any of the pages!