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  • teresa allen - A Must read with a call to actionThe PLAN is written so that every one can understand the concept and reason behind eating this way. I loved the recipes and accomplished the first 7 days, and later went back and did more. REally helped me to figure out foods that I am sensitive to and also foods I had a huge reaction too. The PLAN website if fantastic too.
  • Peter Jay Gould - Change your diet = save your lifeOne night in 1977 I awoke with what I thought at the time was a bad case of stomach flu -- only it never went away. For the next twenty years I lived with nausea, diarrhea and a host of other unpleasant symptoms that got steadily worse as one physician after another threw up their hands saying they couldn't find anything wrong. By 1997 I was barely able to function. I had given up on conventional medicine (which had labeled my problem "irritable bowel syndrome" which translates to "sorry mate, this is the rest of your life") and had tried every self-help book and every branch of alternative medicine I could think of without success. In the intervening time my problem had expanded to include severe motion sickness: I had to give up my private pilot's license; commercial air travel was agony, even with medication; I couldn't even ride on a train or bus. And I could never be farther than about two minutes' dash from a bathroom.Enter "Breaking The Vicious Cycle." As others have commented here, it looked daunting at the outset: a complete dietary change involving lots of preparation. But I was desperate, so I did it. Within one week, my symptoms were under control. Within a month, they were nearly gone. Now, a year and a half later, I have my life back.I won't say it's easy to change your diet this fundamentally, at least at the outset. But after you've done it -- and after you feel GREAT again -- you find two things: (1) it's worth it; and (2) it's not NEARLY as difficult as it seems when you haven't done it yet.THANK YOU ELAINE GOTTSCHALL. I have no idea what kind of shape I'd be in today without you. But considering where I was headed -- it wouldn't be pretty.
  • Invictus Animus - These Pens saved my Life, my Parents' lives, and my FreedomI gotta tell you guys-- when my parents got me these pens as an early Christmas present, I was a little skeptical. At first I refused to use them, but after they took away every other option for writing utensils in the house, I was forced to relent. And boy am I glad I did! Using them has *literally* saved my soul, and turned me onto the righteous path. You see (and I am ashamed to say it), for the last year and a half, I considered myself a transgendered man.

    But now everything has changed. Where once I was confused, belligerent, and sinful, doggedly determined to follow Satan and his minions right into my own personal hell full of penises and privilege, now I am humbled by the glory of God in turning me back to his will and the flock of his followers. Not only have I started growing my hair out again and wearing colors that coordinate with my pens (pink, purple, and new-growth green!), I have started going to church again, and learned the freedom that comes from a lifetime of equal work for almost-3/4-pay. Boy was I wrong-- I was just pretending I wanted to be a boy. Now that I'm back in my comfortable pencil skirts and high heels, flirting with white men who make twice my salary, I've found where I truly belong.

    And that is sitting at my kitchen table, using the pinkest Bic pen I can find to make a grocery list to feed my family.

    Thanks Bic! You saved my life!
  • Jonathan Hefner - LOVE Windows 8 ProI absolutely loved Windows 7, and was hesitant to upgrade to Windows 8. I used all of the preview versions of the OS was really underwhelmed with its performance. However, I jumped at the chance to purchase this upgrade, through Amazon (since they were also offering a 30 dollar gift card with it). I have to say that I am genuinely impressed with this OS from Microsoft. I absolutely LOVE IT! The Metro apps are very nice, full screen apps. The Desktop is now an "app" that you launch, but can still run all of your old legacy desktop apps, and does it well.

    For those that just HAVE to have the desktop, spend 5 bucks and get Start8 from Stardock software (stardock.com) and you will be very happy with Windows 8.

    I personally think this is a nice step forward for Microsoft and I'm excited to see where they take Windows, in the future.

    All of the people ranking it with 3 stars or less are, mostly likely, Free Software zealots that have never used Windows 8 before. Do not take their reviews seriously. Windows 8 is different, that much is true, and it will take a little getting used to, BUT it's still very good and nice evolution for Windows. I'm an IT Manager and use Windows 8 EVERY SINGLE DAY, and I've never had an issue with it.
  • Jared Williams - Mass Effect on SteriodsThe beginning of the book reminded me of the start of the movie "District 9". I like how the book started and the mission to the moon. I only knew, before purchasing the book, that the crew was going to the moon. So when the rest of the 95% of the book happened it was a surprised and my Kindle Fire was literally 3 inches from my face till the end. Great characters and personalities in the book. Character development is also interesting, and shows how some change and progress. Great book. I recommend it to readers.