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  • Tasha Mazza-Kelton - Safest, Coolest and HANDS DOWN best car seat on market!!!If you are a family of 5 (3 kids still in carseats) read no further and just buy 3 Foonfs!!! We have a 5 yr old daughter and twin 2 yr old girls which means options for 3 seats across are near non-existent. The Foonfs are slim in terms of width but I have to say they are much wider in the interior seat part then the Britax's we had before. Nevermind the safety of the seats is by far the best - we did our research here as should you. I mean they are heavy but it makes you realize that all other seats are just plastic and styrofoam which is like air in a car accident.

    We also drive a Mercedes eClass sedan so don't have a big SUV and the 3 seats fit easily side by side. Plus the look of the seats are really like the Apple of the car seat industry you won't find anything cooler.

    Our family feels like for the first time a car seat company built a product for families with more then 2 kids. Thanks CLEK!!!!!!
  • Bargainfairy - great tabletI looked and researched for a long time before deciding on the Tab 2. For my purposes...email, searching the Internet, Facebook and the occasional photo, this suits me just fine. I also purchased a "for dummies" book to help me learn the finer points. I'm still in the learning curve but I was able to operate the tablet immediately. (And being 65, I don't have the skills of younger users) While I love the portability,this is a w i-fi only device!
  • Dawn C. Sutherland "Queen Fan Forever" - Worth Every Second of the Wait!So... I read all these unhappy reviews. I don't get it? Did any of these people ever play Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction? If you're a World of Warcraft fan, maybe you won't like this... We've waited so long for this game to come out and it has been every bit worth the wait. The initial release was great... granted, we all realized it was too hard and pointless, but the patches have fixed all the initial problems. Blizzard is now adding the things we loved about D2... like better recipes (no runewords... yet?), PVP, uber-tristram type levels, tweaking skills... paragon leveling, nephalem valor (extra exp, gold, magic), better auctioning... this list goes on. They are constantly making changes to improve the game.

    Those who complained??? Try the game again and change your ratings! Those who haven't tried it.... TRY IT! Thank you Blizzard! I hope they're working on an expansion!
  • Benjamin T - Lumia 900 user turned to 920All I can say is this is truly the only phone that has covered all its bases in terms of having close to no shortfalls. It's easy to fall to cliche and say that it is better than the iPhone, but it TRULY is better than the iPhone in my opinion. Despite being a locked AT&T phone, there is extreme elasticity in terms of being able to personalize the device. From endless free apps, to absolutely seamless xbox live/facebook/twitter/email integration, this phone has surpassed all expectations. To boot, the phone was $50!(And before the 21st of April there is a rebate for $50 to $100 on top of that!

    The hardware is absolutely magnificent, feeling like the $500 phone that it really is(unlocked) and feeling like the supreme quality that has become associated with Nokia over the years.

    Furthermore, there are things like Nokia maps, Nokia drive, and Nokia transit that will give you voice directions on how to get places by car, public transportation or just plain maps(FREE). NOKIA MUSIC, wow! The coolest feature of nokia music is that you can download radio stations like on pandora but you can listen to them OFFLINE!!!

    Also, obviously, NFC and wireless charging. Wireless charging works fantastically. NFC touching works too.

    The voice recognition software is by far the best that I have ever used in my experiences. Not only did it understand me, but it understood my heavily-accented dad's accent! You can even send a message by only having to press one button. With it, you can also search the internet, call a contact, open an app, etc. -Far better speech recognition than Siri-
    The three dedicated buttons are absolutely fantastic and crucial. One takes you back one screen, one takes you to the home screen, and one takes you straight to searching for whatever you want!

    The speed of this phone is insane, particularly with the 4G feature which truly is faster. Between screens, opening apps, etc.l, this phone is enormously fast.

    In comparison to Lumia 900, it is much more attractive. Also it is more beautiful and the Windows 8 interface is extraordinary.

    Overall, the integration that this phone has, between apps and websites truly pushes far above any phone on the market today!