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  • Harvey - A Call to Christian DiscipleshipIf you want to be challenged to grow in your Christian faith, this book is highly recommended. What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus Christ? What is a Christian's role and responsibility in the world? All these questions and more are addressed eloquently and in easy to understand language.
  • armando dieguez - a great buyI love it! this a great product for every one that loves the latest technology. The best tablet that I ever had.
  • V. Torrijos - Dont Listen to the DRM Complainers go to gaming sites for REAL REVIEWSThis is a fantastic game so dont let the low scores on here fool you. they are just angry about the DRM thing. This game is fantastic and that shouldnt be overshadowed by a cruddy security software. If you want to find out what other people who actually REVIEW THE GAME then go to gamingspy IGN and other gaming websites. Overall I give the game 4/5 since it sometimes gets redundant. but a 5/5 for overall because of the graphics, the creativity outlets, and the gameplay itself. Basically im saying 2 things dont listen to the DRM complainers unless you care about that(i dont) and two this game is fantastic!!
  • TamiLynn - Alyce LaViolette is a Fabulous Woman!! Bless her heart!Alyce is a wonderful woman whom completely understands & can explain all the issues realated to 'domestic violence'. Alyce is being attacked my mental midgets that apparently do not listen or cannot interperet what it is they are hearing. Alyce is testifying in the Travis Alexander murder trial on behalf of the defense, which is Jodi Arias. Jodi Arias has fully admitted she killed Travis, defense is saying it was due to being a battered woman. Yes, there was 'domestic violence' and Alyce has testfied to that. Alyce has not said in anyway that Jodi Arias is innocent. Everyone who is attacking this woman is completely out of line. Alyce is simply testifying on the subject of 'domestic violence'. Yeah, Travis was a jerk, did he deserve to die? Of course not! I am certainly NOT saying Jodi Arias is innocent of anything! She is guilty and I even believe she should be put to death. But that truly has nothing to do with what this woman has done over the past 25 years and the small minded people making the FALSE, horrible, nasty statements they are should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves..... Alyce did not commit the murder - put the blame where it belongs!! Ignorance is disgusting.....
  • Hector Vex "Hector Vex" - The Universe is a Black Hole of Despair and Agony, but there is Light over the path to SalvationSpace and time have been altered. Relativity is no longer relative, gravity has no meaning other than as a force that pulls you towards the center of a larger object, and depending on the atmosphere, at variable rates. The destruction of reality is more than just a glancing blow on the cheek of contemplation, it's a full blown assault on realization. When wondering through the proverbial rice fields of the human mind, one would be so serene to experience such a glee that is the universal reclaimation of the soul. But alas, this is not to be, future generations of past enemies will ensure the obliteration of all that is good and highly organized in this world. And it is that theory, that school of thought that has created such a buzz within the scientific community, that has enveloped the humanity that we might cherish if we all weren't so busy shopping for the consumerism that is rotting our frightenly small hearts and possibly, but not confirmed, livers.

    So what is to be done about this epidemic? What global solution can be implemented on a local level that will be noticed by those who may or may not care? That is where this product comes in. Nothing short of revolutionary, nothing short of life changing and inspirational this product will shape the future molds that future generations will be using to mold certain things that people who are enlightened will be talking about. These few, who have seen the cryptic light will save their knowledge like diamonds in a fish tank, it will drive them to madness and steal the bright angels from their souls, replacing them with slightly darker and possibly menancing demons.

    However, there is salvation! With the availability of this fantastic product, we can now find ourselves letting the demons out of our souls, driving our conscious behaviors back into the light and becoming more human and in tune with the universe than ever before! Alas, there is a dark side to this universal transaction - you must first part with your hard earned currency. Put down 3.99, receive ultimate salvation from the harsh mistress that is universal reality. Destroy the outer lining of your darkened soul! Tuscan Milk will drive the demons from your liver, kidneys and other filtering organs, such as the gall bladder! The gall bladder will be clean! Rejoice! For salvation is here!

    The saviour has come back to save us all in the form of cow excretions packed in a universally adapted carton! He has spoken, "Drink me to find salvation."

    Go. Find your salvation. Buy some bananas while you're at it, and get redemption.