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  • HoweUDoin - I Crave My Yonanas Creations Every Night!!This is the best investment I have ever made! The treats I make taste better than ice cream and I don't have to feel guilty about eating it because it is all fruit (with the exception of some recipes). If anyone has problems with the product look at the trouble shooting guide in the back of the instruction book because it is probably covered. If it isn't, then exchange the machine for a new one. It is so worth the money :) Enjoy!!
  • dieselgeek - Dry Dry DryI don't know how but this stuff works. I have been applying it Sunday nights before bed and it keeps me dry all week. I have used prescription products before with a lot of pain and itching and they didn't work that well. This product is pain free and works so well. I swear by this product.
  • Eric Radman - Same wine, different bottleQuicken has always been a top notch product and Quicken Premier 2011 is no exception. Many people complain about Intuit's requirement to upgrade Quicken every 3 years since the company sunsets older versions of the product every April by disabling financial site downloads. (Quicken's discontinuation policy is at )

    However, I find the minimal cost of upgrading to be well worth the value downloading quotes, stock prices, and cost basis information from the various financial sites. Quicken Premier 2011 feels identical to the 2008 version. It's easy to navigate if you are familiar with prior releases. Many of the same features, look & feel, and functionality are identical. Given that Intuit is putting most of their energy into "cloud based computing" (i.e. Mint and other web-based products), don't expect to see much, if any, additional functionality in the 2011 version. Quicken basically changed the look & feel and kept the core product identical. Unless you need to upgrade for download reasons, don't waste your $$$ with the 2011 release. Prior versions will suit you just fine.