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  • Z. alshahrani "the good in ppl" - ps4 is a step up .... it's worth buying ;-)this is a really a step up from ps3 , i like the fact that you can multitask things on ps4 easily with no time to wait. i used to wait at least minute to check my message. graphic is way better than ps3 . the menu is a arranged better in ps4. psn store still small i hope things will get better in the future. the voice control works fine but limited to certain things you can say. the control is better than the previous one with a built in speaker. for a price 399 for the console its a very good deal.
  • PD - H&R Block At Home DeluxeI have been using this product (used to be called Tax Cut) for at least 15 years and find the software very reliable - never had to amend a return, never had a audit, never crashed. It's companion Deduction Pro is a great way to itemize dozens of charitable deductions, medical bills, etc., and uploads easily to the tax program. Can't see changing to that other big seller.
  • edd3800 "Ed" - Runs light, and offers solid protectionSince 2009 Norton has just been a great program I like the smart firewall. The protection is strong. I know they are a lot of good Internet security suites out there. I tested a bunch in 2010 and found most of them slowed down my browsing to much. You won't find a security suite that does not slow down browsing some. It has to do with the protection they offer. You here users say Norton slows down their computer to much. Well the testing labs find that NIS is one of the lightest running security suites. I agree with that. The impact on my browsing speed is very small. I've found that to be the case in the last 3 years. It's not a feature rich as some of the others, but I like a set and forget program. Norton is very good at that. You never know how a certain security program will run on a certain computer. So I always try the free trial of a program, then buy it if it runs good on my computer.