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  • D. Vance - Fantastic speaker, great price!There have been wonderful, technical reviews written for this AirPlay speaker, and I will not attempt to repeat them, even if I could.
    I will say, I am a middle aged, low tech woman who wanted a speaker for her iPhone. This fits the bill perfectly. The sound is clear and can be very loud. I can have it playing upstairs and turn it up so that in a completely different part of the house it can be heard and the sound does not suffer.
    It was simple to use from taking it out of the box. It connected effortlessly and instantly to my phone.
    The price is very good and the quality is excellent. I highly recommend this product!
  • TheHandsomeDan "TheHandsomeDan" - So great I bought another one for my significant otherLoved mine, got one for the girlfriend, now she loves it! Good battery life, very nice screen, and good performance. This isn't a budget machine, this is a great tablet that happens to come with a budget price.