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  • Fiktshun - An imaginative, clever and edge-of-your-seat exciting readJoelle Charbonneau's THE TESTING is an imaginative, clever and edge-of-your-seat exciting first book in a new series set in a dystopian future where the best and the brightest of its youth are tested for their potential to lead. It is a story that takes a well-worn idea and makes it feel new and one that brings nail-biting suspense to the page.

    Filled with deadly challenges that not everyone is meant to survive, characters whose motivations can't be trusted and surprise after surprise that will keep the pages turning, this book is a fantastic addition to the genre.

    When graduation day comes and goes and Cia Vale is not chosen as a candidate for the Testing, when no one from Five Lakes is, she's not sure what to do with the rest of her life. All her efforts, all her studying, was pointless if she wouldn't at least get a chance to attend the University and continue her education.

    So when the Tosu City official arrives the next day and tells her that she and three of her classmates have been chosen, she is ecstatic. Even if her happiness is bittersweet because it means she might never get to see her family again.

    But when her father reveals that there might be something more to the Testing, something sinister, and that no one should be trusted, her happiness quickly turns to unease. And if there are at most twenty candidates that will pass the tests and move on to University, then she will need to stay sharp, think smart, heed her father's advice to trust no one and hope that it will be enough.

    Because if the Testing is more than what it seems, then she doesn't want to find out what will happen to those that fail.

    Author Joelle Charbonneau created a fascinating and chilling world where every move is watched, every action monitored and every decision must be questioned. She introduced a broad array of characters who keep the story interesting and who will keep readers guessing as to their trustworthiness. She takes readers on a thrilling adventure with her characters through a hostile landscape both inside the Testing facility and in the world outside its doors.

    And she leaves them with a shocking conclusion that will make them anxious for the next installment in the series.

    THE TESTING is an absolutely riveting read. With a series of tests that make this story nerve-wracking for both readers and characters alike, a strong, intelligent, kind and caring heroine who readers will want to see succeed, and the promise of secrets that will be uncovered in a future book in the series, this first installment is a must.
  • NCS - think for yourself? sounds good to meIt's funny, i was recommending this book to a friend after reading Expecting Better a few weeks ago, and she asked me if it was the new book with all of the controversy. I had no idea this book was considered controversial! but sure enough when i looked at the amazon reviews i was shocked to see so many one star reviews. After reading the reviews, both positive and negative and the subsequent comments, it is quite clear to someone who has read the book that most of those that have given the book poor reviews have not, in fact, read the book they are "reviewing". While i respect those that are caring for persons affected by fetal alcohol syndrome, i think by not reading the book, it's clear they may have missed the point of the book. The book does not advocate binge drinking or even moderate drinking. It simply presents the information obtained via medical studies. Oster is more than qualified as an economist and expert in statistics to review studies and determine their merit. In fact, she is more well prepared to do this than most physicians. Most physicians take one or two graduate level statistics classes. This is not to say that physicians do not know about medicine, but that data interpretation (even involving medical research) is not their area of expertise (it is, however, Dr. Oster's). This book merely advocates thinking for oneself and making informed decisions. I'm not sure how this could be a bad thing?
  • Tatertot - Could not put it downRead this book in two sittings. I just could not put it down. Not many days pass any more where I don't ask myself what has happen to our nation. Good Tidings and Great Joy lifted my heart. There is Hope, we just need to remember WORDS COUNT and pray for strength to hold fast. A must read!