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  • L. Adkins - Daughter loves it and so do I!!My daughter has just reached the pre-teen age and keeps getting in trouble for how she is saying things to us and having a hard time expressing her feelings to her friends. Getting this book for her has made all the difference in the world. We have seen a difference in how she approaches talking to us and how to respond to her friends and some of those that aren't her friends. i would definitely recommend this book for any pre-teen that is trying to figure out how to express themselves to adults and friends.
  • Tammy R. Burgin - Mizuno Women's Wave RiderThis is the 4th or 5th pair of Wave Riders I've purchased. They are light weight and have a wider toe box with secure heel. (I have duck feet... narrow heel normal "toe" area) They have good arch support. I do however get doctor shoals arch support inserts for all my walking shoes as I have a high arch. I've been told I dont pronate so other styles of Mizuno would not be comfortable for me. For those of you that walk and run without your foot rolling to the inside or outside this is the style for you. I love mine.
  • Fae Mich - Absolutely the best - especially for those who don't know their computers!I've been using Kaspersky for two years. Did the upgrade and had a problem (my own fault). Kaspersky support is unbeatable! We had the problem fixed in minutes. I feel safe using Kaspersky and recommend it to everyone. I am not computer savvy and having a program that's easy to understand and use is VERY important to me. And, how can you beat the price? Five stars hardly seem enough!
  • Mary Kruger - Cheap at the priceI'm so jealous of those of you who bought the Denon AKDL 1 Dedicated Link Cable at $500.00. I paid $9,999.99 from an outside seller, and I think it was worth every penny. I just bought a new 3-D TV, and I wanted only the best equipment for it, so I could really enjoy it. I plugged in the Denon AKDL 1, and I'm amazed by the results. The 3-D effects are so good with this cable I don't even need the special glasses. I have my favorite show on, The Walking Dead, and it's as if everyone's in the same room with me. I can see and hear, and almost touch and smell them-Wait.

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