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  • Lindsay - Finally! Something that works!ORIGINAL REVIEW from July 25,2012: This product has kept me irritation and infection free for over a month now!

    I have been struggling with vaginal irritation for the past 3 years. I changed my laundry detergent, went to numerous doctors ($$$), and tried a plethora of OTC treatments (including herbal treatments). NOTHING WORKED. The irritation would get better, but then it would come right back. I've suffered with UTI's, yeast infections, and, most recently, I've been getting this red irritation on my outer labia. I was checked for an STD, and it came back negative (thank God!). So, my gyno said it might be an imbalance in my vaginal pH. She put me on some antibiotics, thinking it was bacterial vaginitis, but that didn't work either. My life had become overshadowed by this issue. It affected my work life, my social life, and, worst of all, my love life had suffered to the point where I just didn't want to have sex anymore.

    So, I decided to try this product, and it has kept me feeling fresh and irritation free for over a month! I have subscribed for two refills monthly. The price on is the cheapest that I've found. I use it a few days before my period, the day after my period stops, and after sex if I start to feel any discomfort. Also, I'm on the pill (Ortho-cyclen), and this product still helps to keep my pH balanced.

    If nothing has worked for you yet, TRY THIS PRODUCT. At $13/box, it's one of the cheapest ways to keep your vagina happy and healthy! :)

    UPDATE from Feb. 23, 2013: It has been almost a year since I began using this product. I find that I do not have to use it very often now. I still keep at least one box on hand in case I begin to feel irritation.

    Also, to shed light on some of the other reviews: Yes, after a day or two you will see a white discharge (that looks like cottage cheese, but it is NOT YEAST). It is the natural shedding of the vaginal wall and some of the gel leaving you body. When you first use the gel, you may feel a very, very mild burning sensation. After about 20 minutes, you will begin to feel relief.

    Overall, I am so incredibly grateful for this product. It has changed my life (and especially my sex life)! Thank you!
  • "" - VIVIDI am reading Diana G's books in order, thanks to this board. Claire and Jamie's story is outstanding. In this issue, she returns to the 1750's when she discovers Jamie is still alive there. The changes they have both been thru for the past 20 years are realistic and heart-wrenching. Every description is vivid and you feel tremendously throughout the whole book. Claire is now a doctor which comes in very handy for everyone. The humor and love between these two is so wonderful to read. They get into so much trouble you CANNOT put the book down until you see them safely out of it! :) I cannot believe how fast I read the first 3 and now will begin the fourth. I wish I could have my paychecks sent directly to my home instead of disturbing my reading flow! Enjoy!
  • Suzanne Lewis - BIRTH 2012 AND BEYOND Humanity's Great Shift to the Age of Conscious EvolutionBIRTH 2012 AND BEYOND by Barbara Marx Hubbard is a fine tool to assist in this point of global change. Barbara and her team of wisdom keeper near and far contribute a cohesive, collaberative, cooperative, communication to assist us all to be awake and consciously participating in a social sacred activism for the sake of all the Family of Life, Light and Nature. "As the Wheel turns, it pulls everyone forward. It takes us across the evolutionary gap from Here, our current state of overpopulation, resource depletion, war,etc. to There, an ever evolving, sustainable, compassionate, and cocreative World." It is an antidote to despair, depression, denial, depletion and anger and fear. It's anything but linear it is circular, inclusive and unifying for the Heart and the Minds of those who respond to the call for Synergestic Convergence for the HIGHEST GOOD of ALL. Suzanne Lewis, author of TEACHER OF HEART: A Self Health Journey; editor of online Journal; ACE GUIDE, founding member Archimedes Writing Group
  • Thomas E. Farris - Easy to Use and Lots of Good DetailI needed a good source to put some values on a coin collection from my mother's estate. It was not a large collection but there were enough old coins to make it worth the purchase instead of spending a bunch of money to get a 3rd party appraisal. I am not a coin collector but have a few of my own coins from over the years. I found this book very easy to use and it gave really good detail.
  • monsterluv565 - great mac case (please read)i ordered a mac just a few days ago, and after having a horrible dell, i wanted to have this mac protected and lasting for as long as it will. so i jumped straight to amazon after ordering the computer. i wanted a case like my friends with the translucent back, and a nice color. i love light blue, but the Tiffany blue was a bit to dark. so then i found this color. i also wanted a keyboard cover to match, but i figured i wouldn't get it in the right color. but then this came up with the cover and i immediately ordered it!! the case came before the mac did, but i will tell you i loved it. its color is stunning and contrary to some reviews, is the right size, and the keyboard silicon cover matches, and lastly it IS translucent. after loving the color i went back to amazon and ordered the matching sleeve for transportation. i recommend this product to anyone and i love it. thanks apple for the case, and thanks amazon for the easy delivery!!