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  • Albert J - SEO the Big PictureSEO 2012 & Beyond began to put search engine optimization together for me. I have read quite a bit about SEO. I am a little analytical and I need to know the how and why before I can tackle something. This is the first book to help me create a mind map to really understanding the SEO concept. Yes the book has a number of specific tasks, but what I really appreciated was the way the author helped me understand the overall concept of SEO. What once felt like an overwhelming goal has shrunk down to a manageable task.
  • Carolyn - very very goodAlign Digestive Care Probiotic Supplement, 28-Count
    I am very satisfied with not only the price but the prompt delivery every month.I hope this product was not tested on animals, if so I would have to stop using it.Although my doctor recomended align and I have found it quit helpful, I would not be able to continue using it.Procter @ Gamble has been known to use animals for product testing in the past.
  • Jiyeon Seol - I totally buy this again!I ordered this last Friday and it was shipped yesterday (Sunday). And guess what? I got the package today! It was super quick! Satisfied with the delivery speed, I was very happy when I saw this product itself as well. The color is more like emerald, which I absolutely heart, and the keyboard cover color is more solid emerald. And again I love it. Although I had a bit of a hard time with sticking a screen protector on a monitor without air bubble, I guess there's no problem with the product itself. I love how perfectly the case cover and the keyboard protector fit for my laptop! I will definitely recommend this one to my friends!
  • debwilson - Harvest of RubiesSarah is proficient in many areas - she can read and write in multiple languages, she can keep complicated ans lengthy accounts, and has a quick and sharp mind. The only thing stopping her from great success is that she is a woman. But when her cousin Nehemiah recommends her to the position of head scribe to the queen, she is completely unprepared for the events that follow.

    Sarah has always measured her worth based on her accomplishments; if she fails in any aspect of her work, she sees herself as a failure as well. So when her position as senior scribe is threatened because of her success as the queen's trusted account holder, she is, for the first time in her life, being measured for who she is as a person. With no complicated rolls of parchment and clay tablets to hide behind, will she attain her own measure of worthiness? Or does God has other plans for His child?

    This was a wonderful re-imagining of a fictional character set in Biblical times. Afshar deals with something that we all struggle with at some point in our life; the measure of our worth. Despite the lack of history Afshar had to work with as a background for her story, she does a marvelous job of re-creating the setting and bringing it to life. It was a story I could believe in and learn from, and an author that understands the very heart that beats in every one of us. Not only a recommended read, but one I will revisit again and again.

    A copy of this book was provided by Moody Press for free in exchange for an honest review.
  • Jason Li - The second raping of Ping Fu.Ping Fu was raped twice.

    To her memory, the first occurred before she became a teenager inside a university campus, when other teenagers exploited the lawlessness of the land and abused and tormented her.

    The second occurred on when she was a successful businesswoman in her 50's, when numerous strangers proclaimed to the world that the first rape never happened.

    She is a strong woman and I have no doubt she will survive this ordeal and emerge stronger and wiser. I hope Amazon would also act accordingly to prevent such atrocities to ever take place.