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  • DCGuy_20009 - Just Plain Cool!I've been wearing Nikes for years, and these are the most comfortable I've ever worn. They're great running shoes, and on top of everything else they just look cool. Within a few days after my first pair arrived, I was back on Amazon buying a second, even though I had to purchase them from a seller at a higher price. Worth every penny.
  • Paul Weiss Jr. "Paul W" - Overly PleasedI exclusively looked into tablets right after the new year because a number of people I knew had iPads but I didn't want to go that route. I ended up deciding that the Transformer Prime appeared to be the best of the lot but when push came to shove I didn't order it. Then a few months later another friend showed me her new iPad2 and I started looking again. When I saw that the Champagne version of the Prime was almost much cheaper than the gray one I figured I'd best not lose the opportunity to save some money and I added it to my cart and immediately checked it out.

    While waiting the 7 days (free shipping) for it to be delivered I wondered if I acted hastily. Did I really need it? Would I really use it? Now that I've had it for a month I must say that it was a GREAT decision. I love this thing!

    Then it upgraded itself to Ice Cream Sandwich and it became even more responsive. I've heard about problems with the wi-fi and GPS connections but mine connects just fine. I love the screen-- don't let the 'lack' of pixels scare you away. This is one slick device and I've had no eye strain while reading books on it.

    Don't hesitate ordering one of these, it is truly a top-of-the-line product. In fact I just ordered the matching keyboard to go with it. I love this little device and am very happy with everything about it. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go do some reading on it now.
  • camps - Effective!Before I bought this product, I was suffering from hyper underarm sweat, which was ashaming and affected my life. Wouldn't you be affected if you found you couldn't raise your arms out of fear? That was me. But now, my pits don't sweat, and I enjoy dryness. This does itch a bit on the 2nd day, so it's advisable to buy anti itch lotion if it happens. But it's a small downsize to an otherwise amazing product.
  • Neil Kinnon - Should be required reading for every politician at every level of Government."Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it." Edmund Burke War debt, Radical Bombings, Economic bad times, a country struggling with uncontrolled immigration, natural disasters on huge scale. Coolidge's approach was the anti-thesis of our current approach. In short order, his approach with his advisors, had the country humming once again and running surplus's to reduce the gigantic National Debt. I knew and learned almost nothing about Coolidge other than the breaking of the Police Strike of 1919 and the one sided view that the roaring twenties which he led for much of were the cause of the Great Depression. As one of the founders of a large Charter School and a small City Councillor I think both this work and "The Forgotten Man" need to be read along with our typical historical works so that an open and honest diaologue can happen about the United States future. Thank you Amity Shlaes.