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  • Tina C - Out of sight, out of mind, but effectiveWe rely on Webroot to be monitoring for viruses, malware, etc. without our having to think about it. We are careful about not putting our systems at risk, by choosing the websites we visit carefully, deleting suspect emails, and avoiding any online interaction that could make our systems vulnerable, but the bad guys are working just as hard at staying a step ahead. We look to Webroot to keep up with them. AND we love the licensing that allows us to protect both our home PCs.
  • Shuvo - Awesome love the tablet!!!So like almost anyone & everyone i have been keeping a close eye since this tablet was announced & all i can say is wow this tablet is amazing!!

    I ordered the tablet when i saw Amazon had it in stock for $499, so i couldn't resist & placed the order. This is my 3rd tablet, my first was a XOOM then the iPad 2 & i have to say i am blown away by what ASUS did here. I was a little skeptical at first with all the negative reviews but then decided to take my chance seeing how Amazon has a good return system in place & boy was i not disappointed!

    The 1st thing when u get the tablet u will notice is how drop-dead sexy the tablet is! Its a solid build & the screen is just amazing!

    The WiFi is a little weak but i have yet to have any problem that really makes me regret the buy. Yes the WiFi is a weak sometimes, but honestly i never had a problem web surfing or doing any other online activities. I use my phones GPS more then my tablet so it doesn't bother me as much but with the WiFi the GPS isn't all bad.

    This tablet has impressed me in every way & exceeded my expectations in a lot of ways! The tablet is built like a beast! Its just buttery smooth & the only time i had problems was when i was trying to run 3 games at the same time & the marketplace & web browsing ...& even then the tablet was running smooth given u gave it a few seconds to cope.

    I have to say I am impressed by ASUS with the build quality! I have had multiple people ask me what it is & if they can play with it.

    I would definitely recommend it to anyone as long as u buy from Amazon with an awesome return & exchange policy! ..just in case anything goes wrong
  • Jamison L Stepan - Nice portable grillFull disclosure, I didn't buy this from Amazon, but from a local store. I did look at Amazon's reviews though before buying it so thought it was appropriate to share my thoughts.

    Took me an hour or so to put it together. I wasn't in a hurry so I took my time and read the directions. I will say though that having a decent socket set around will help tremendously since you need to hold some washers still while you screw the bolts in to them. But really, if you haven't invested in even a cheap socket set you probably should do that before buying a grill.

    All the pieces fit nicely and the only adjustment I had to make was to loosen the screws a little bit on the lid. I was a bit to 'manly' on them and they were so tight the lid was rubbing along the sides.

    First time:
    I fired it up and it started heating up pretty quickly. Within about 10 minutes it was well over 300 degree, and quickly got up to 450-500.

    I threw a couple hot dogs on it as a test (after letting it burn off the initial manufacturing oils) and they cooked in the time I expected, and were tasty, pretty much like a gas grill. I'll try some hamburger tonight.

    I bought this because I wanted a small compact grill that I could easily stash in my garage when it's not in use, and would be easy to use and keep clean. I've had a bunch of cheap gas grills that don't last more than a season because they end up outside most of the winter. Hoping that a simple grill like this will end that trend and allow me to keep this one going for much longer.

    My overall impression is very positive of this product and it does what it advertises, and seems to do it quite well.
  • M. Shah - easy to useThe software is easy to install. It imports last year's data without any issue. It makes sure that you are not missing on any relevant credits or deduction. Our case is not complicated as we have just W-2 and 1099/1098 to take care of. For State return ; you have to pay additional $20 though. Software will also asses your returns for audit risk; and although i didn't use it, it had one free live support call available.