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  • Alexandra C. Z. Swafford - Gotta say I really am impressedI was researching for a new vacuum, have three Beagles and had not used an upright vacuum in years nor ever a bagless model. The 'price was right' and I ordered it.

    Delighted with the suction power and really like seeing all the dust, etc. picked up. Carpet felt and looked truly vacuumed. My old Panasonic canister had stopped working for a while, so it was not a fair comparison, but clearly worked very well.
    Took it up to my mother's house with an old wool carpet, and had to stop and empty the canister ever 10 square feet!

    I purchased a swivel head Shark for my home, and left this one at my mother's. The only real complaints are the smallish width of the head, the lack of terrific edging and that the machine is 'bulky' in front, so it does not go under furniture well; bangs quite a bit and is inconvenient.

    For an inexpensive vacuum, not worrying about bags, terrific suction...I am very pleased.
  • C. Bernier - The only diet that works for my husband.My husband had an operation about 2 years ago to have part of his intestine removed. He had been on all kinds of medications before that but even those weren't working all day great anymore, plus he was starting to get many side effects from the drugs (water retention, frail bones, and more!). Just months after the operation the pain returned to his abdomen. This time, he was determined to learn more on the topic, read many books, went to see homeopaths, read more books and tested a few different diets. One of the first one was the SDC diet, as described in this book, which is a bit tough if you're not yet convinced of the effectiveness. He tried a few other diets which did help a bit but the problem was still there. When he finally came back to Elaine Gottschall's diet and stuck to it for a bit longer, he became totally healthy. He's now strong, full of energy, and totally off any medications. Once in a while he cheats a bit (garlic bread, or ice cream!!).

    This is totally worth reading. Very informative and will change the life of your loved ones. The diet can be a very balanced in every way (vitamins, proteins, minerals).

    Thank you Elaine for giving my husband hope and his life back.
  • Gaddam V. Reddy - Norton-360 is the right choice for people looking for Antivirus!Using this product since two years after i was attacked by malware/trojan while browsing,then immediately i installed norton 360,fron then i never been faced any problem with any virus attack.I can recomend this any no other product cab be comparable with this as far as my exp is concerned.Though it's little bit heavy as compared to other.
  • Jayme Wills - It goes wherever I go!This was a Christmas gift from my husband and because of high shipping fees, we'd been dragging books and magazines through airports; first in the Middle East and then to Costa Rica. Suddenly, the problem was solved! Not only could I have books on demand, but I converted all my needlework patterns to PDF files and stored them as well. No more unruly paper to deal with! Recently the A/C adapter on my PC died and it was going to be a few days before a replacement was available. Remembering the Fire had Wi-Fi, I began using it to access email. Then I discovered it was great in the kitchen! What's for dinner? Get a recipe online! Pictures are in color or videos come through wonderfully. My Samsung Galaxy phone uses the same kind of charger, so there's one less cord in my travel bag. The unit fits easily in my purse. I highly recommend getting the skin and the sleeve carrier. Didn't know what an APP was, but all that has changed and I'm even doing some gaming! Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? This dog isn't about to let go of her new bone!