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  • Tina from Brooklyn "Piedmont photobug" - Wonderful cameraMy first compact interchangable camera and I love the size and feel of it! So much easier to carry and work with than my Sony A-300 and A-33. Photos are crisp and clear with both kit lenses. Extremely responsive to all camera changes and functions.
    Have never used a touch screen on a camera before and am just loving how easy it is to use and so much faster than using the dials. No complaints so far.
    Bought the printed manual from ManualInc. and it really helps understand the camera's many functions.
  • Carey B - I love this product!!Lipozene works! I have never tried a diet pill before because of all the bad reviews on them but I finally broke down last week and bought Lipozene. I use it like it's my religion, 2 pills 3 times a day, 30 mins before meal time and I have lost 14lbs in 1 week!!! If you want to see results like mine you still need to watch what you eat, be healthy and exercise.
  • N. Mahalic "N" - the Ferrari of the paintball world!!!!!!!This marker is simply amazing!!!!!! First things first tho, to give a little background I work in the manufacturing industry where I'm a machinist with an engineering background and my work is very technical and precise. The reason I'm adding this is trust me when I say this marker is expertly designed and made!!!! I won't get into the nuances of poppet valve vs spool valve but needless to say this specific spoolie and dye's in general are the better ones in the market! If you've done ANY research concerning paintball markers you know it's always been between the big three in that being the reflexes, axes, and eteks! Many prefer one or another based solely on their own bias BUT no matter which one you choose all three are going to be great thus the little things become much more important and thus leads me to the rails and their superb attributes!!! First off, no other brand has the UL 45 frame and no other maker other then dye makes a gun that feels this good in your hands bottomline!!! The dovetail UL frame is simply the best I've held! Secondly, no other gun has the eye pipe technology and it virtually eliminates all chops, I haven't chopped one ball in thousands of rounds!!! Third, it's a dye spoolie is very very quite/smooth compared to the jackhammer eteks!!!!!!! Fourth and pry the most important for me is that this thing is dead to rights accurate!!!!! The stock bore size is perfect for many different paint but some brands do work better then others like Dye CG paint for example, which is an excellent paint for this marker, formula 13 not so much, it's the consistency of the paint that matters I'm CG is excellent. Fifth, the no-nut clamping Fed neck, you spin the lever to tighten it. The other thing I wanna dispel is some myths concerning this gun, everybody seems to think but its hard to maintain and clean this marker but I'm all actuality I can have the entire thing apart in less than 15 seconds, it's that easy folks!!! It's like this, the eteks are tantamount to your AK 47's, they're the proverbial tanks in the paintball world and will shoot and shoot and shoot even if you neglect them which makes people look good no matter what, but this gun is finely tuned and is your proverbial Ferrari of the bunch!! You do have to clean it after every case or so but you should anyways so technically it's no real big deal at all!!!! This gun even has a first ball spool anti-stick mode and is programmed where the spool gradually accelerates to stop balls from chopping and is subsequently very easy on paint!!!! That plus the eye pipes and a constant 140 psi air supply thru the hyper 3 reg no matter what pressure tank is at combines to make an amazing amazing marker bottom line!!! It is slightly less efficient and doesn't have an OLED board but considering it's basically a DM but without the low side reg makes it/made it a no brainer for me. The last thing I wanna share is at one point I hadsomebody quite literally shoot a paintball up my barrel and I had blue paint on both sides of my eye pipe and inside of my spool and when that happens all you have to do is hold down the trigger for one second and it overrides the eyes thus allowing the gun to fire and self squeegeeing the paint out of the way, it's bloody fraking genius!!!!!! Basically what I'm saying is in my humble opinion its so far more superior then any etek!) Or axes or ethas or crossovers or G5's or fx's!!! listen, dye knows their s***, they're an aerospace company and that's why I say it's a far better design and is executed superbly then the others are!!!!

    Update from original review; I've put over 10,000 rounds Thru it thus far and haven't had one issue, I keep it well cleaned and its shoots flawlessly everytime!!! I DO highly recommend shooting Dye CG paint with this particular marker, dye designs all their products ie; rails, dm's ect in tandem with each other and CG paint is perfectly bored to the barrel size on the reflex rails and subsequently no barrel kit is needed, CG paint quite literally amplifies the superb accuracy inherent to the marker to begin with!!! You wont be disappointed with any of it!
  • Emmanuella - Brilliant!A genuine page-turner that's fascinating & scary at the same time, with very little 'rambling on' that would detract one from the main story. I equally appreciate the breathtaking descriptions of historical sights in both Venice & Istanbul. It would be interesting to see Inferno on screen. I look forward to that.