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  • accentline - Everything I needI get the Llewellyn's Witches' Datebook every year. It has all the info. that you need if you're a practicing Wiccan (or other pagan), with some useful and fun bits of info, recipes, and images throughout. It's also a standard datebook size so it was really easy to find a nice cover for it and I carry it very where I go without anyone needing to be the wiser.
  • Kalcardo - Love my Transformer PrimeI wasn`t sure whether I should buy an Ipad or the Transformer Prime and since I am not a fan of touchscreen keyboards, I have decided to get the Transformer and the keyboards.
    Best decision I've ever done ;) Love both... very small, light and the transformer tablet itself is just amazing! Love Android system!
    This seller is also great, delivered as promised ;)