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  • franklin marcelino - expensive but very good quality built.Bought a knock off at ebay at first. All sorts of problems installing it as the screw holes from the rails did not line up with the holes in the bars. At the end could not install it it all. Returned it and purchased the real deal here. Expensive but original and very good quality built. If you want to avoid headaches with the knock off, I would recommend this one.
  • primeguy - its a change... but its a good one...ENOUGH with the monster reviews... to boil it down:

    - GUI.... yes its different from the start button.... its easier and faster and has great touch flick capability... if you watch about 10 minutes of how to video on youtube.... and then you commit to actually using the livetiles and search as designed... once you get past the initial shock of getting away from 20 years of blue desktop... windows 8 is VERY capable, VERY intuitive, and VERY fast

    - application compatibility..... anything that runs on win7 runs on win8... if its a desktop app, you automatically get switched to the desktop... if its live tile.... it very smooth...

    - hardware compatibility.... same driver base as win7.... if you are one of these crackpots that wants to use your favorite printer from 1993, you might have a problem.... if you are a normal person.... win8 runs everything fine...

    - speed.... win8 is clearly faster at everything than win7 and XP... its no contest

    - upgrade process..... I'm a legit expert at OS's but have never been a fan of upgrade process (I always installed fresh as opposed to using upgrades).... win8 is the first OS of any kind where I feel comfy recommending to people upgrading... it works seamlessly

    Most importantly: now theres a unified touch interface and application base that works on PC, Tablet and phone.... between skydrive and win8/win phone 8 / win rt... you can have it all everywhere with zero effort.... is is so cool and so easy to implement... once it really catches on it will really be a leap...

    Old, techy cranky people will whine about this and that.... but reality is win8 is easy and a huge speed and usability improvement, you just have to be smart enough to spend 10 minutes to learn something new....
  • Scott Sawyer - After a couple of hours...I must say, I am very excited about this tablet. It is my first, and I pre-ordered in December, so I received it about a week ahead of schedule, very nice start!

    When I booted for the first time, Ice Cream Sandwich was ready for install, took about 10 minutes (this thing IS powerful). Fit and finish are very very nice. The speed is incredible.

    If you want the absolute state of the art, this is your tablet.
  • Katydid - Well-constructed, Great Writing, Didn't Want to Put it Down...This story of an abducted realtor who has returned to her family and friends after year-long captivity and torture at the hands of a moderately high-functioning psychopath made me want to hide from my three year-old in order to keep reading it. (Which, admittedly, was not very nice...but should tell you something about how much I enjoyed the book). It's written in short chapters consisting of sessions with the lead character's therapist, though the only voice is Annie's (the lead character's). The shorter chapters contribute to the fast pace of the novel, which grabs you from the first page and does not let you loose until the last. Annie recounts her abduction, torture, and rape in graphic detail...but way more interesting...and that she reveals how she dealt with these things while they were happening to her, and we also get a simultaneous window into how she copes with the psychological aftermath and her return to society. It seems it takes a very skillful writer to keep a reader from becoming mired down in the complexity of this story, and Chevy Stevens does a great job in keeping the writing funny, somber, to the point, but also giving very serious topics their due. It reminds me of the movie "Martha Marcy May Marlene" in how it manages to flip back and forth without confusing you-- true ability, really.

    The one area of the book I found myself skimming through were the chapters dealing with Luke (Annie's love interest before she was abducted). I think, given the nature of Annie's abduction, the topic of returning to a boyfriend was just so loaded-- it would have been a whole other book entirely, and trying to toss a couple of chapters in made it seem somewhat stiff and surface, as opposed to the deep, rich nature of the rest of the book. Annie's relationships with the other characters- her mother, her best friend, her aunt, etc- are painted much more thoroughly even though in some cases they are given less pagination (as in the case of her aunt)-- so I definitely think this was a case of "the subject matter was just too big to jam into an already very complex book." It's like eating filet mignon with bernaise sauce and putting pate on top and then really good mushrooms on top of just can't handle it something comes off tasting kinda jenk... :)

    But the book...would be a freaking bargain at $25...seriously. It's filled with great sentences that take you to places in your own life, and make you really think about what you're reading. The characters come alive, and she actually makes you feel empathy for The Freak-- the man who abducts Annie- because Annie's voice comes through the book so strongly, and Annie feels empathy for him. And as a reader, you also feel her confusion and anger at herself for feeling that empathy. The amount of research, time, and effort that went into this piece is clear; definitely worth your time.