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  • NuJoi "Create with me" - Why Didn't Someone Think of This Sooner??!!I love this product -- no dirt, no bugs and no chance of over-watering! This is very easy to assemble and easy to use. Just add water and a couple of nutrient tablets every two weeks. There's even a light that tells you when you need to do this.

    I planted my Gourmet Herbs on June 15 and I was ready to harvest the basil before the fourth of July! If you follow the instructions, there's no way to mess this up. The herbs lasted about six months. My only caution is (and this is noted in the instruction booklet) that the lamps are on about 16 hours a day and they are bright at night. I can close off the bedrooms, so it doesn't bother me.

    I highly recommend this product to anyone one who has tried to grow herbs indoors in the past. Aerogarden's customer service team is the best -- they know their stuff and are vary helpful. I had a problem with one of the herb kits and they have really worked to fix the problem.

    Update: I read another reviewer's note about installing a new pump. I had a seed pod that never sprouted and after being shipped a replacement pod that also didn't work, Aerogarden sent me a new pump. I installed it last night with a new kit. The instructions were clear and it was pretty easy to do. I liked doing it myself in five minutes instead of sending the unit somewhere to be repaired. It still was an inconvenience, but my positive experiences with the product far outweigh the annoyance of the installation.

    My first kit was the gourmet herb and as noted above, I had problems with the cilantro. I have since replanted my garden by mixing the French, Itallian and new Gourmet Herb kits and they've worked beautifully,especially the cilantro. The new pump has made all the difference. My oregano is even more hearty this time around. With the mew pump, all of my herbs are doing better. After almost two months of growth, the thyme appears to be the least robust of the bunch, but still has a good yield. It's in a back corner spot.
  • unicornangel36 - I LOVE MY PRIME!!!!!!I got my ASUS Transformer Prime on 02-15-2012. I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!! So far I have not had any of the "issues" or "glitches" I read about in a few reviews. The tablet is lightweight, very easy and comfortable to use. I am still learning about the Android OS, between this and my LG Thrill(Which I LOVE Too!!!) For anyone looking for a great tablet for the money, I highly suggest the ASUS Transformer Prime TF201!!!!! Amazon was the greatest way to order any and everything online!!!! It was so simple, and my tablet even shipped almost 2 weeks earlier than anticipated(It was originally on backorder)!!!! I have orderd about 4 times from Amazon now, and everytime it is totally hassle free, THANKS AMAZON!!!!!!
  • Nathan W. Gray "Geek from way back" - Great bookI've always wondered why I can't maintain a stable weight no matter what I try (working out, changing my eating habits, drinking plenty of water, etc). She explains that you need to figure out what your body needs and will utilize. Everyone is different and every food reacts differently to each person. You have to figure out what works for you so you don't sabotage your own attempts at getting fit.

    She helps guide you through the first 20 days (and afterwards) by helping you determine which foods work for you (less reactive) and which ones will cause you to gain weight no matter what you do (more reactive).

    Written in layman's terms (mostly) and easy to follow. I like the fact that she asks you to read the entire book before starting the program. I just finished it last night. I'll post an update once I've started the program.
  • Romantic fool "Romantic fool" - Crackles with mystery, passion. WONDERFUL!!!!The dour Mr. Makepiece (STILL WATERS RUN DEEP), the alluring sultry lady Isabel, the vigilanty Ghost of St. Giles. Add in mysterious pasts by both H and HH and orphaned children, and what you get is probably the best book I've read this year, and I've read plenty!!

    There was passion, mystery, lust, violence, tenderness, and many other emotions that had my heart pounding throughout this book. Even the relatively quiet parts of the story shimmer with a underlying sexual tension, and intrigue. You will swoon for the complicated Hero, adore the Heroine.

    This book pulled me in and when it it was over, I did not want to let go!! Read it!! You will not be sorry!!

    BRAVO Mrs. Hoyt!!! Keeper shelf for me.
  • Dawn V "Harbinger of Books" - Oh Winter finally it is your turnWinter Makepeace is a hard man, while he loves his sisters and is very happy for them he is also quite isolated. He lives with this idea that he has to hold himself in rigid control because he believes that is how he should be and as his father would want him to be. The other reason is that Winter is living a double life on as the head and manager of a orphans home and the other as the Ghost of St. Giles and Winter is fine with that. Until the one of the ladies of the home stars to believe that Winter may not be the best head for the home and plan to replace him. Lady Isabel is chosen to help tutor Winter in social graces ironically in the same period Lady Isabel also comes face to face with the Ghost. Between Winter and Isabel's battle of the wills they soon see beyond the mask that they each wear, and in the meantime someone is stealing and hurting children.

    After watching Winter in all of the other books I have been looking forward to watching him break his stone cold hold on everything. I was hoping he could have a strong woman who wanted him and this story delivered just that. I also liked Lady Isabel and she is a great heroine, it was interesting to get a sense of how much of herself that she kept suppressed. Especially around Christopher and I just loved how that worked out!The story moves smoothly and really fast. The child labor plot also kept things interesting.

    My only real complaint well there is two and the first is I wish his sisters would have take a more active role in the book. The other is I really did not understand why the ladies of the ..this that or other...orphanage cared about his social skills and furthermore why would a titled man be willing to take the job?? Even though that later did not make sense to me it did not distract me from the story.