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  • D. RENSHAW "Online Aficionado" - Wow!!! I absolutely love it!Please don't change a thing about this product! After reading the mixed taste reviews I was prepared for the worst and was blown away by how much I liked it. No added refined sugar or artificial sweetener meant no after taste whatsoever despite 21 grams of natural sugars that it does contain. It's sweet enough as is to someone who doesn't eat anything with refined sugar or artificial sweeteners. And I felt great throughout the digestive process; no unpleasant side effects whatsoever. Energized physical and alert mental state for hours. Did feel hungry again within 2 hours, but I can live with that.
  • Pam Smith - Law-tied Uterus SyndromeAt age 68, at the feet of Sen Wendy Davis, I found myself in awe of these shoes. The one day that I have worn them has rejuvenated the feeling that I own my personal uterus. I can feel the states of Texas, Virginia, Mississippi, Wisconsin, etc, slowly dropping out of my lady parts. These shoes make me feel lighter and more in control of my body. I highly recommend these shoes to the busybody men who play doctor in the governments of all states and in the federal government, as well. May all of these men wear these shoes with courage and experience the pleasures of their hands rather than imagining the little men fetuses pleasuring them.
  • David Bradshaw - Great Software with a Great Look!First off this software looks great on the Mac! When I got it, I was thinking it would be just like the Windows edition, just with the traffic light buttons at the top. I love how everything is floating (not constrained in a Windows; you have toolbar at top, tasks in the middle, and any other items float on the desktop), this is great for when you need to open other files and still view QuickBooks, since you can put the windows side by side and still see both documents (for example copying a contact from the address book to Customer List is simple since the two small windows can sit right by each other and you can just copy and paste each item). The next great thing is the installation, like many Mac apps it was simply a drag and drop to the application folder and it was installed. I then was able to activate with the License and Product number and register online, super simple (took about 2 minutes). The software was easy to set up (I have used QuickBooks for Windows in the past and am familiar with the software), my only flaw is that the first time I used it closed (red exit) on the Company Home Page and the toolbar trying to close QB, but then found I had to Quit from the Dock (or Menu), when I reopened QB, nothing was their and I had to go to Company >> Company Home, and Show Company Toolbar to get it -- Just FYI, I learned that I need to Quit from the Dock or the Menu. The program opens very quick on my computer (I am using Mac OS X Lion [10.7.2]) and I love the number indicator lights on my items to show me what I have out their at a glance (for example a red number on Invoice to show how many open invoices I have [like on the Mail App for New Mail]). I was able to set up my accounts with just the Default settings for my industry and was able to create my item list and Customer list very easily, the Help >> Search section is great since if you are looking for a list or setting you can type it in and it will find it for you (and show you where in the menu it is, and you can open it from their). In the box their was a paper to show you how to import Windows based QuickBooks files, however, since I used to use Simple Start (Free for Windows), I created a new company, since I wanted the full settings from the start.

    Another point I want to show, is how much of an improvement the look and feel of the software is. I love how I can view my invoices or payments or estimates just by using the info on the left and then I can scroll through them flawlessly and view live information on the invoice or go into Preview Mode and scroll through each invoice without having to open Print Preview, as well as see quick info on the customer (like Customer Info and recent transactions!). This software has such a genuine feel to it, which just makes it perfect! I can see everything of my business in a quick glance without having to go through lists of information and then opening and closing widows till I find the one, this is an amazing edition of QuickBooks and is just perfect for me as a freelancer!

    I also want to add how great support for QuickBooks programs are! I use QuickBooks POS at work and had the best experience setting it up with the help of our representative and the online community. Just as I am seeing on this product with the number of Manufacture Replies, I am seeing great customer service who is trying to help customers at every point of the experience. I have used phone support and online support for my Intuit products in the past and have never had a bad experience. I am glad to see the Manufacture comments on other reviewers, as that shows me that Intuit is ensuring that their products are working properly and are listening to customer feedback! And just like our POS system I know if I need help their is entire community of Intuit product users who can help me just by me posting a question or finding others with the same inquiry.

    In the end this is great software for keeping up with your business, it allows me to keep track of my freelancing and easily manage my money flow, and all from my Mac! The software works perfectly on my Mac and looks great! I highly recommend this for anyone who wants the amazing power of QuickBooks on their Mac!