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  • Rappy - Simply AwesomeI have ridden bikes for 10 years now and I am now around mile 40000, so how does this bike compare to real riding, very nice thank you. I can ride the tdf bike for a few hours - try that on a trainer (good luck). TDF bike features, you can select compact cranks,regular cranks or a triple crank set, you have a selection of 7 or 8 back sprockets for good measure, the cranks are very smooth and use the standard metric 6004 ball bearing set (yes you can install ceramic bearings. The bike lets you coast down hills if you desire.
    Ifit, this is where you set your weight - this is important - because if you select you weigh 300 lbs, you won't be able to turn the cranks on a 12% grade the bike really has some strong magnets, I love it because you can adjust the ifit weight to make the bike feel just like going up your fave-rate mountain. Ifit you can make a map, lets say in the Canary Islands using google maps within the Ifit web page, Google has some really nice HD roads overseas, you can watch these roads on your computer as your ride them, I have a hook up so I can watch my ride on a 58 inch plasma (I Love it).
    Features - Standard Polar Heart Monitor Receiver, Standard Pedals, Standard Seat Post.
    I really almost rather ride this bike then my own, I just love seeing these beautiful roads, I have been exploring France.
    Yes, there have been some issues with this bike - my console was bad, they sent me one promptly so all is well.
  • Some - 171 lbs to 147 lbs It works but go by the bookI actually did a research paper in college on the Atkins Diet since I was already doing it and having great results. What I found was that the Internet and reviews in magazines were almost criminal in their summary of this diet/lifestyle plan. Statements about how there are no vegetables or fruit (when you are required from day 1 to eat 2 salads and berries are a wonderful focus), how you could die, mixing medical terminology up in their head (confusing "ketosis/BDK" with "acidosis") and printing it as gospel on paper. Their slander and general lack on vetting/investigation by the average person was effective and many still say "isn't that the all meat diet?". No, it is not.

    What it is however is a huge impact to the food industry: the sugar industry, the bread industry, the pasta industry, the cola industry, the corn syrup industry, the fast food industry, etc. You may remember the plummeting bread sales when Atkins came out. These losses were noticeable and they were sustained because Atkins was working for those who tried it.

    Dr. Atkins (of Cornell University) asks you to tell your doctor before you do the diet, checking with your doctor as you go through, self test daily/weekly. Gives you the science and all of his medical references behind the plan. If you are fair, you will read for yourself the epileptic studies using a similar diet and their amazing results. What you learn about food and your body is priceless. What you learn about how sugar and foods that turn into sugar in your body such as bread and potatoes, how they block fat burning, and how deplete your energy you cannot know until you try. Waking up at 5am w/o an alarm clock feeling like you want to run a mile is amazing. I did get tested before and my triglycerides and cholesterol numbers were better. I did walk as he instructs and drank plenty of water.

    Like anything else it is not perfect. I do not endorse artificial sweeteners which make the diet easier to ease into but stevia and xylotol are noted as options. However, it is sound and you must realize this diet/lifestyle was not something Dr. Atkins just dreamed up to write a book about. He was struggling himself when he started medical school and began researching and adjusting his diet to keep up with his round the clock profession. It was refined in his clinic for many years before the writing.

    This is all in the book and what I found regarding others "opinions" is that they obviously NEVER READ IT! There is another issue in that it works so well, people tend to ignore the 4 stages Dr. Atkins maps out and extend the 1st stage to lose even more weight. This is not necessary as by the time you get to the 3rd week, you body is shedding fat as a routine and like anything else that has been planned out, not following can cause issues. And of course cheating. I stopped and started Atkins 3 times because it was soooo very hard to break the sugar connection/addiction. Let's face it: ketchup, fries, buns, bagels, shakes, pasta, mashed potatoes, pizza, EVERY frozen dinner, muffins, every meal has a boat load of sugar! So cheating intentionally or unintentionally affects your results and thus some do not follow the plan to restart but instead tweak with their own idea of how to correct their indulgence.

    I recommend this yellow book, follow it as directed by it and your doctor and you cannot help but see results, especially if you currently participate in the S.A.D (standard American diet) and if you realize you need to eat differently forever, not just until you lose a few. When we are overweight we are killing our energy, our opportunity, ourselves. No tasty food for a few minutes is worth it. It's that simple.
  • Ainslee5333 - Owned 1-3 monthsHaven't had a single problem with this drive, I understand every brand can have a dud that needs to be returned and I read a few reviews saying this one didn't work for them, but for hells sake, return it for a new one. The 3.0 usb is a godsend, really cuts my transferring time down by a lot, this is my secondary external hard drive, and I really notice a difference when backing up onto my 2.0 usb external. Great product for the price.
  • T. Clarke - Enough about DRM and rate the ACTUAL GAMEDRM is NOT the end of the world. Oh darn, you can't install the game on the fifteen computers you own, boo hoo. You install the GAME, you play the GAME, and then you rate the GAME. You do not rate EA for how they attempt to add a little security to their product to protect their income. There are enough people stealing games as it is to give developers and production companies less incentive to create these wonderful games for you to play, don't make it worse by refusing to buy/play games simply because they have a method that is built to remind you to be an HONEST gamer.

    As for the game itself, it is wonderful. The progression from cell to creature, to tribal and advanced civilization is very well implemented to be fun and relatively brief to give the player short, fun, and uncomplicated gameplay. Once you get to space phase, things heat up a bit and the more typical sim-style micro management kick in. Mind you, it's still quite a bit different from the norm, and the bits of humor they stuck in are always worth a chuckle or three.

    The creation system is extensive, from creating creatures to vehicles and buildings. It's highly customizable, being able to change things like how many joints an arm has, the angle and curve of an antenna, or how long toenails are. Vehicles and buildings allow for countless configurations of pre-made pieces, or re-sizing and re-shaping of basic building blocks to design your own look. I have seen creations replicating the Enterprise (Star Trek), Star Destroyer (Star Wars), Serenity (Firefly), or more recent inventions like B-12 and F-15, or M1A1 Abrams. The possibilities are near limitless.

    Overall, I'd say it's well worth a purchase for anyone looking for a unique sim game with many hours worth of gameplay.