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  • Kristi - Great for small house and eating out!We love this chair! It is super easy to put on and take off but is also very secure. Our little guy is still a little small for it (but desperately wants to be part of the action) so we just stuff a blanket around him. It folds up so it is fairly easy to travel with. The fabric is a sturdy material. I haven't had to clean it yet.
  • carol grubb - A great love story.I loved the story. The characters were great and I loved their interaction. I always enjoy a medical setting it makes it more interesting.
  • Sherrie Bradford - Like it so farIt is a major challenge to get a kid to eat anything healthy. I tried everything. When I heard of Yonanas from my friends, first I thought of what a bizarre name, but OK I thought I will try. It's not that expensive. So all in all, it was fun to create all the various mixes of fruits. I didn't have bananas on hand the first day so I tried with berries that I had in my freezer for months. So I mixed that with some ice cream leftovers and powdered peanut butter. And let me tell you it was all worth it. It's sure better than eat all those things separately, if that would ever happen. I noted from other reviews that you supposed to thaw the fruit for a few minutes first. That helped, or I would probably brake the motor as I never read the instructions.

    This unit is very easy to operate. It has literally 3 pieces to it. And it's really easy to wash it too. It's a permanent fixture in my kitchen now.
  • Michael J. Orteiza "salehunter" - Reactive/intolerant foodsI have used this book for 3 weeks and have been on the plan
    for 2 weeks. Both my husband and I have lost 30 pounds. We
    are learning which foods may not be best suited for us. We are
    different in the foods we both can tolerate. Very interesting which foods are
    reactive(intolerant) for us. This will be a life changing way we
    eat food.