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  • M. Reed - The best stuff ever!I started using Abreva about 5 years ago. Before Abreva I would have a cold sore break out about once a month or once every other month. I was in grad school and working full time, so my stress levels were high and so were my break out frequencies. When I started to use Abreva my cold sores healed more quickly and came less frequently, at first about 4 times a year. After my stress levels went down my break outs happened even less (about 1-2 year). I now know to start using abreva as soon as I get any irritation. I noticed when I do that my cold sore either doesn't come in, or it's so small that no one even notices. It helps with discomfort only because the healing is quickened. I highly recommend this product. Plus Amazon has a great deal if you subscribe to the order. I got one free and it's about $3-4 cheaper then the drugstores.
  • Meredith L. - It works! It works!I am so grateful for this book and what I have learned from it. For the past two months I have followed the diet about 90 percent of the time, and my psoriasis is almost completely gone!! I'd had it for over five years on my scalp, and most recently it spread to cover my head, back, stomach, ears, underarms and more. My scalp was so bad I went for TWO YEARS without getting a haircut because I was too embarrassed to let my stylist see my scalp. As others have mentioned, it is not easy to stick to the diet, but IT IS SO WORTH IT IN THE END. I also drank the saffron tea and slippery elm bark tea, and took some supplements and probiotics. I did not give up coffee, though! It took about a month before I saw any improvement whatsoever, but once it began, my healing just seemed to snowball and my skin cleared very fast. I was expecting it to take longer. I am over the moon!!! I can't get over how smooth my skin is; it feels so different now! :)

    I am like the many others who had tried multiple dermatologists, scary steroid medications, every over-the-counter medication and medicated shampoo under the sun, spent endless hours on Google reading about and trying various home remedies such as apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, sulfate-free shampoos, all-natural body care products, and who knows what else. Nothing worked, and thanks to this book, I understand why. I truly believe that Dr. Pagano is correct about the root of the problem being internal and in the gut, as he describes.

    I have to say that not only did my psoriasis clear, but I felt great on the diet even though it was tough to stick to only the recommended foods. Now my challenge is to see which foods I can reintroduce back into my diet without breaking out again. Thank you so much, Dr. Pagano. I will tell anybody I meet who is suffering from psoriasis to get this book!