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  • Hank "Hank" - A very good frying panThis is a very Good frying pan. My wife loves it and it really is a no stick pan.
    I highly recommend it.
    HERE'S A TIP! If you see a product on TV and you need only one instead of two plus processing and handling, which drives the price up. Check here on Amazon = most likely a better price.
  • Anita Vandergriff - Simple and direct, great coverage.Simple and direct treatments, easy for a layman to understand. Good advice on when doctor is a must and when you can try a common sense treatment first. Lots of useful info, but some is more relevant in 3rd world environment. Could save life. Thanks
  • T. Lamoureux - Norton 360 PremierNorton has always been a great antivirus and security software. I've tried other similar programs, but always come back to Norton. One other program that is widely used caused major problems on one of my computers as well as my sister-in-law's computer. As soon as I removed it for her, and installed a Norton product that I recommended to her, the problems all disappeared.
  • W. Brown "Dr Bill, Xiamen University" - Better each yearI've tried every anti-virus program over the past 20 years-- Bitdefender, McAfee, etc. Each has pros and cons, and Norton, though good, used to hog the system, slowing it to a crawl. But the past two years it has been extremely effective, and has placed only a very light load on my system. The Firewall, anti-SPAM, anti-phishing--all work well. I especially appreciate the way Norton holds all my passwords for me, but allows me to go in and view them if, for some reason, I need to know the password (such as if I need to input the password on another computer, and can't remember it, and don't have easy access to my encrypted list of passwords file).

    Downloading from Amazon is definitely the cheapest way to go. I purchased Norton Internet Security 2012 3 users for only 22$; compare that with Norton attempting to persuade us to renew for $50 or $60 for one computer. Definitely download, and definitely do not allow them to set up automatic renewal; just search Amazon each year for the latest price on downloads (it seems to vary weekly).