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  • Patricia Schroeder - The Plan delivered everything it promised!My husband and I are traveling this road together and have been very pleased with the results. The amount of water that you drink daily was a surprise at first but we have adjusted and the food recipes and menus are tastey and satisfying. We eat all we want and don't feel hungry or deprived. The Plan has modified our food purchases and preparation. So many more vegetables...than we ever included before.
  • Janet Bardini - The anti-diet that will change your lifeIt's not a cliche when I say that Lyn Genet's The Plan will change your life. When I went into menopause, my weight went up and I found it more difficult to lose it. My digestion has always been wacked and I've suffered from debilitating knee pain for many years. I found The Plan very easy to follow and each day I followed it, I felt better and better. It was amazing how I would get on the scale and lose 1 -2 lbs a day with the right food combinations. A good part of my knee pain is gone.The BEST thing about The Plan is that you will NOT gain back all the weight you lose, which other diets can't do. You will be able to maintain your goal within a pound or two, which I have done since August 2012. I asked Lyn Genet why this happens, and her response is this: you have improved your digestion and brought your body back to a younger age. As a alternative medicine practitioner, I have been recommending The Plan to many of my patients. GO ON THE PLAN!
  • eswart82 - Great ProductWe received our wifi baby 2.0 yesterday and we think it's great! We had issues getting the away feature set up and Gary from support did a great job helping me set it up at 9:30 pm. It all set up and running, we are spying on our dogs while we are at work until our little guy comes. Great Product and Great Service! Thinking about getting one more for home monitoring!
  • MB "MB" - Goes great with a stick in a box!My wife and I share the same birthday, so we always like to exchange gifts like a mini-Christmas. I got her my stick in a box. It wasn't really a stick. I can't say what it really was, but I think you know. Anyway, when I unwrapped the binders of women I was a little worried it would turn into an O. Henry story with the two gifts canceling each other out. Oh Nelly, let me tell you, a binder of women, a stick in a box, 3 rings, and a 2 inch EZ turn ring is perfect! Did I mention EZ-turn ring??!!! UPDATE: the EZ Turn ring turned out to cause problems. If you do get it, I advise also getting this: 3Pc Nurse Outfit With Stethoscope And Head Piece
  • Jean Mcneill - Really Brightens Up a MarriageAfter being married for a year and a half, things started to get a little stale between my husband and me. To make matters worse, I was writing reminder notes to my husband and paying bills with the same boring blue pens I've had since we were dating. I felt like my husband barely noticed me anymore. He would walk right past me when he saw me using them, and he surely wasn't acknowledging the reminders posted on the fridge. Hence, we ran out of clean dishes numerous times! It caused many fights, and we both started doubting our compatibility. Nearly hopeless one evening, I ran to my local store to take a breather. As I was wandering around pondering our marriage, I stumbled across BIC Cristal for Her ball pens. It then hit me; this is what we needed to save our marriage! They were so pretty and eye-catching. Surely, he'd notice me with these! I immediately bought a pack and drove home to toss my boring blue pens away as soon as possible. I vowed to myself that every note I wrote and billed I paid was going to be written with the BIC Cristal for Her ball pens from now on. When I came home the next day, I was greeted by tons of clean dishes in the cupboard and a dozen red roses on the table beside my new pens and pending bills. I knew from then on that we were going to make it. Thanks, BIC! Your pens really know how to brighten a marriage!