MOSA - Medical Officers of Schools Association - MOSA - Medical Officers of Schools Association. Caring for children and young people. It is the objective of the Association to offer guidance and support, and encourage the application of the highest of medical standards in the educational environment.

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  • Robert Bevington - Norton Internet SecurityNorton Internet Security works fantastic.. Installation very easy,just follow the on screen instructions and you must have internet access for Norton to work correct....a little confusing after you update the security, because to scan there is a green strip on the left with a white arrow on top, click on the white arrow then you can scan your system.... Quick scan first then full scan,,, Quick scan is fast, Full scan takes a while depending how much information in on your hard drive..After the first full scan their is a drop down tab on the right bottom of the scan screen that gives you options for the computer to Shut down... Sleep Hibernate or Shut Down.... cool feature..
  • tsorrosa - I broke the vicious cycle, and it worked!I have been suffering from many digestive disorders for the past 10 years and seen dozens of doctors, all of whom only prescribed meds and MRI's but no nutritional advice. I was trapped in a vicious cycle of malnourishment and debilitating symptoms. This book explains the connection between starches and processed sugars and the toxicity generated from bacteria that reproduce uncontrollably, which therefore cause digestive and neurological diseases. It not only helps you understand foods from a molecular level, but it also backs information with clinical studies on carbohydrates and sugars as being the culprit of such diseases. I wish I would have found this book earlier. I have been on this diet for 8 days now, and my symptoms for IBS, stomach pain and discomfort have reduced to barely none a day. I have completely eliminated all sugars and breads, starches, and do not feel malnourished, but rather relieved. Elain Gottshchall's book is a breakthrough in medicine and nutrition!
  • Lindy Lou - romantic escapism with reality rootsI feel embarrassed to admit to people that I am reading a series of fantasies involving a time travelling heroine and her hunk of a 18th century highland Scot husband. Think bodice-ripper. But Gabaldon writes very well, develops real depth in her characters and has thorougly researched her historical period/s. I was thoroughly sucked in by the first two novels - this one has jumped the shark a bit, and personally I don't need so many sex scenes, but is still a damn good read!