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  • Michelle Cosper - Great book for either men or womenI enjoyed this book very much. I felt it was well thought out and had relevant topics. She gives many good examples of both how we hold ourselves back as women, as well as how the infrastructure is skewed against us. It opens a great discussion about how far we've come, and what is next on the agenda. Highly recommended!
  • Joseph - Great for the whole family.Device arrived as described and in a very quick fashion. Would recommend for anyone looking for a tablet without needed to rely on wifi hotspots.
  • Wolf Shirt - Unintended ConsequencesI purchased this shirt hoping that it would increase my skill level at a company golf outing. I received it a few days early and was immediately ridiculed by my wife for this ridiculous purchase. I put the shirt on, and was immediately complimented (by said wife) on how skinny it made me look; the anger at my purchase was immediately forgotten. The shirt is comfortable and strangely empowering. A few days later, as I swung through a local Target on my way to the golf outing, I realized that I may have made a mistake. There is only one type of person at a Target store in Kentucky during the mid-day hours...women. I received smirks, wanton looks, and magnetic gazes...fixated on the shirt. It was all I could do to leave the store with the shirt intact and on my back. It's allure was potent. I proceeded to the golf game where I had mediocre shots and lost several balls in the water and woods. So much for the increased skill, but there is something about it that screams "be careful where you wear this shirt", spontaneous impregnation may be possible.
  • Kathy Harris - Important to understand why your internet is so darn expensiveI find it interesting that of the last 27 one star reviews, exactly 20 of them were first time reviewers, one paragraph, and most with a simple first name. Hmmm. 7 seemed to be legitimate one star reviews.

    I agree that the book is repetitive and dry. However, it is important to know why in the next 10 or so years the "haves" will have access to information, trade, and knowledge while the "have nots" will not. As schools are trying to deal with smaller budgets, as students are expected to buy expensive textbooks tied to the publishing industrial complex, and as students are needing more diverse learning - the internet will become more and more required like the telephone of the 80s.