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  • Sandy Edwards - Worthy of its creatorsThis album stands on its own as the best guitar rocking release that Floyd ever did. Yes the lyrics are awesome, the rythyms are soulful and the floydisms are there, but the importance I get out of it is that Gilmour steps out and lets loose on this mother. All Floyd is worthy of owning (even Final Cut). Each has its own theme. This one is about in your face guitar. A must have for every guitar enthusiast.
  • Christy - Love!This tablet has it all! Bought this for an additional comp for my kids and they absolutely love it! Very happy customer
  • Derek Malpass - As good as factory at half the price.These roof racks are fantastic. Agonized over ordering these or the factory ones. After closer inspection of pictures available online, it appeared that these are of the same construction as OEM. When they arrived I gave them a close inspection and they seemed high in quality, would not be surprised if they are made by the OEM and just lack Honda part numbers. Simple install and the cross bars are now labeled as to which bar is for front, so no fussing with trying to determine which one goes where. As a testament to their strength, we carried a 150lb flat-packed Ikea couch at highway speeds for over 4 hours without issue.
  • sageflower "sageflower" - Don't miss this gem of a book! It is delightful.This book is delightful and engaging from cover to cover (and I mean that literally as the inside covers are beautiful!).

    With this book you will take a trip to England, fall in love and remember to dream. I'm getting everyone a copy for Christmas this year. It's chock full of paintings, photographs and humor! While Susan's books in the past are more geared toward recipes and homekeeping, this one relies on her writing ability a bit more and she hit's it out of the park. Susan is a beautiful writer. The book just flows and is difficult to put down. The reader is taken on a wonderful journey from cover to cover.

    Don't miss this gem of a book - it's one to keep and read again and again. I'd give it 10 stars if I could!
  • Hope - California - Garden of Life Raw Meal, 2.6 lbsI'd highly recommend this product and have found it to be a better price on-line than in my local organic store. It is chock full of nutrition and is one of the routes I use to improve my health. Raw Meal also tastes good, which is always a bonus, given some of the products I've used! Since it is a meal within itself, I do sometimes use it as a meal replacement and other times as a supplement to my diet.