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  • Alexander Jimenez "AJ" - it was worth the wait!awesome piece of hardware! works great and no issues so far. ive been playing at least 4 hours a day almost every day and works great!
    the new remote is the best remote i have ever try, so comfortable its like it was custom made for my hands! the camera still has a lot of catch up to do! few commands and you have to be very specific going into menus to use specific commands, some games will not respond to the commands when you are playing. like if you want to turn it off you first have to say power and then you can say turn off ps4 or if you are playing battlefield and you say playstation the voice command prompt wont come on (at least on my experience is like that)
    i cant take any starts off since all the media features that are missing were announced prior release and like sony said will be add on future updates.
    I also own a Xbox one and i like the ps4 more but have to admit that the xbox one games right now have some edge on the ps4 ones.
  • L. S. Lewis - The missing pieceIn my recovery for alcohol and drug addiction, I had hit a wall concerning personal relationships. The insanity continued, I could no longer deny that my way was not working. This book is the perfect guidance material to implement into my current program. How refreshing it was to discover my problems were not unique to me!! The book describes Love Addicts, the book describes me. Thank God for Pia Mellody's motivation to publish.

    Without this book, I'd be lost at sea without a life preserver. With it, there's hope. If you're curious, try it... a little reading never hurt nobody ;)
  • Fair review - Installs easy, and doesn't use a lot of system resources- overall excellent so farDid a lot of homework and decided to buy this product as it averaged number 2 out of many products with numerous reviews at a fantastic price. Bitdefender was almost always rated better as of Jan 2013 and I also bought and use that product. Both have worked great so far with no viruses or malware infections on the several computers they protect. I decided not to use a single product on all computers as no anti-virus is perfect and you don't want all your systems taken down by a single point of failure. This product so far is doing a great job : no system slow down, not annoying, updates quietly and without bothering you and seems to work and scan very fast. overall and excellent product so far.
  • NMonica2 - Fantastic as usual!I love Disney World and I love Birnbaum's guide ! I am never disappointed in Birnbaum ! These are . by far. the best guidebooks available for Walt Disney World. Every year I buy the new edition in anticapation of my next WDW trip.These guides are very informative and easy to use, with wonderful pictures and extra tips! I usaully label the Kid's guide my son's,while I own the regular guide. He loves feeling special.
  • SS Mama - QuickBooks multi-userI have been using Quicbooks for more than 10 years and know it is a reliable program. I'm pleased so far with the multi-user mode that allows three users on the company file at one time. Some new features were added with 2012 that are a plus. QuickBooks has provided a tool with the multi-user program that will serve the needs of our small company. You cannot beat Amazon's pricing. With my prime account I received the product the next day for only a $3.99 shipping fee. Thanks, Amazon!!