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  • Norma Rhodes - Norton 360 2013I really like this software. The only problem I had was that I had 15 days to load. I registered the software only to one computer and not the others two computers. So what happened to the others was that the software quit working because they weren't registered. The instruction should clearly state a warning that ALL COMPUTERS MUST BE REGISTERED FOR THE PROGRAM TO WORK!
  • kizzy - goodjust what i wanted help in every way to fine info on drug that we use each day at the hospital
  • Andrea Y. Adams "Andrea Y Adams-Hanoman" - I am pleased alreadyI am ttc since September 2009. My period has been irregular ever since I had my 1st child (almost 4 years ago).
    I want to have a baby so bad and I started reading everything... About policystic ovary syndrome, vitex, irregularity, obesity when ttc.. Everything! Got thermometers, ovulation tests, early pregnancy test, started taking folic acid... All u name I did.
    So After reading about vitex I thought I should give a try to "fix up" my period situation. After reading from a reviewer that vitex gets you depressed, I decided to read about Fertilaid. (I am depressed enough for not getting pregnant)
    Bottom line is, NO, I AM NOT pregnant, YET (I will let you guys know soon), but I amso happy, I got my period right on time! 32 days after my last period, exactly how it used to be. And it's only ONE MONTH after I started to take this product.
    I am pretty confident about this product! I will write soon! ;) i think if you have irregular period and is ttc, Try it! ;)))
    UPDATE: on 25/November/2010, I did 3 pregnancy tests, all POSITIVE!!!!
    UPDATE: My Baby is today 6 Aug 2012: 1 year and 17 days! Check my review on FertiliTea: A Natural Fertility Tea Blend 3oz (Health and Beauty). I used these two products together. It works, don't give up!