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Medical Imaging Consultants | X-ray, Ultrasound, Mammography - Canada's largest radiology partnership, providing diagnostic and medical imaging services at 11 clinics in the Edmonton area.


Country: North America, US, United States

City: 33301 Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  • Jan S "Jan S" - Love the graphs on expensesFor a small business owner; they have a tendency not to pay themselves. They then buy items without looking closely at the cost or maintance. I use the expense charts as an easy way to "rein them in". It's not my job to tell the owner how to "spend their money" but to help them make those vital decisions, with past performance and cost analysis. I could do the charts myself, but it would take days to get the same results. Depending on the business, some can just use the Pro and never go on-line for invoices or bookkeeping. It converts easily to on-line if the company grows or your CPA is geographically separate.
  • MIGA3 - Happy :)I got it as a gift for my boyfriend and he's like a boy at Christmas! Loves it!
    It arrived in the original packaging and looked good. My only concern was that the box it was shipped in was bigger than the box where the tablet was, it was not labeled as "fragile" and just seemed a bit vulnerable to getting banged up during the shipping. But, so far its working well and should be ok but my recommendation to the seller is that some extra padding be put in just in case.
    If it hadn't been for customs it would have arrived really quick and during the whole time the seller was very cooperative answering questions promptly and providing any needed info.
    As for the tablet its self, its slim, elegant, light and has great image and sound. Plus Android is great! You can have all sorts of apps and contrary to the ipad not just mac apps. Asus has made a really nice product. Another downfall is that its not really 32GB, what you really get is 26GB. Ok, This is normal with most hard drives but luckily the Asus gives you the SD card option for extra space.
    5stars and happy :)
  • Jesse Price "fatnub" - Its a exercixse game.It has lots of different activity's to do. I have not done them all yet. Before buying I looked on you tube and watched videos about the game. I would recommend doing that and then you can see exactly what playing the game will look like. I like that you see yourself in the game. I would recommend this game its enjoyable for a work out game.