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  • Jean Brandt "faceinbook" - Nothing celebrates the birth of Christ like a country western song........Ms Palin has done it again. Put Christmas in perspective. I suggest when one reads this little tribute to Christmas, with it's call for stopping a "war" on this most "Christian" holiday, they should pay close attention to Ms. Palins WORDS. Her words are a call to arms......pitting readers against any and all attacks on their Christian values. Values that come through loud and clear. Way to go Sarah....spread that peace and joy. Lord knows we all need it. Too many citizens are far too busy worrying about hunger and joblessness to pay attention to how under attack this holiday really is. READ the book.....then throw yourself into the nearest WalMart and shop to your heart's content. (WalMart sells weapons so all is good there...just in case you have the rack but your husband needs a rifle) Nothing can come close to celebrating the birth of Christ like giving the gift of a new weapon ! Lucky Todd ! What a woman she is.......sharing peace and love for all by mounting weapon racks on her four wheeler. Indeed, nothing says a big "Thank you God" like a call to arms against unbelievers of all go girl !
  • M. Jacobs "mj" - It's so hard to accept...that I've struggled for so longAnd there was such a logical explanation. I'm going to sound like everyone else here for a moment.
    I have been unable to lose weight for years- even while doing strict diets like The Pink Method which allows 800 calories.
    I never give up and I follow diet plans to THE LETTER. of course, my doctor never believes me. sigh.
    So, once again New year's I start a diet. No dairy, no sugar, no meat ( except fish and seafood) , no wheat. Not a budge in the scale. I start the plan and 6 days later, I am down 5.5 pounds. It is mind blowing to me. Of course, I hope the pounds keep melting away and the 40 pounds ( 34.5 now) that I miraculously gained at age 40 are gone in some number of months.
    I even ate out in a restaurant on Day 5 and gained .5 so the next day I re-did day 5 and lost 2 pounds. wow. I am full all the time and FORCE myself to eat all the food. How refreshing! Usually, when trying to lose, I am in a constant state of hunger.
    And I have not moved my body during these days. Today I go to yoga for my first bit of exercise.
    In the meantime, I feel great, I have constant energy, no aches and pains and my bloating is completely gone.
    Thank you, truly.
    Update: 11 pounds gone in 17 days :-)
  • James Milstid "Jimmy the Geek" - I'm happy with this grill... VERY happy!After I read some of the so-so reviews, my gut feeling was that the folks that wrote them wouldn't be happy with anything and/or were clueless. I'm so glad I went with my gut feelings! This thing is great!

    This grill has not failed me yet. Even the first time out, the sirloins were wonderful! They were seared, perfectly rare, and nice and juicy. After grilling steak, chicken, and pork loins, I'm sold on this grill and the infrared technology it brings with it. If you just follow the no-brainer guidelines and are even a halfway decent cook, you'll end up with meal after meal of yummy food.

    Cleanup is not at all bad. I simply take all the pieces to the sink and scrub them. I don't clean after every use and my grilling has not suffered a bit.

    I'm posting a photo of the sirloin steak I grilled this afternoon. Four to five minutes on each side at about 600 degrees. Nice grill marks on the outside and rare on the inside. And the steak was SO yummy!
  • Christa J. Stanek "Creative" - Seagate "backup plus" 2 TB USB 3.0 External hard driveThis was a gift to my sister inlaw, she, like a lot of people, need a back-up external hard drive...right after they've lost their photos. We bought this Seagate for her so she'll never lose another photo or other important data. We've owned Seagate products for years and have never had an issue with them.