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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 94043 Mountain View, California

  • Mike Tarrani "Jazz Drummer" - Truly surprising for a bulk wineI keep coming back to this wine because it's surprisingly good. In fact, I've previously gone on record - in writing - claiming that this would be an interesting wine to slip into a blind test. More about that in a minute.

    About the wine itself: where this differs from the other bulk wine offerings is it has a dry, fruity flavor and a smooth finish. There is a hint of peppery spices too. Most other wines in its price range have a processed taste that is an immediate turn off and can actually wreck an otherwise good meal.

    It pairs with any food that you would serve with a red table wine, and goes with any cheeses from the creamy French brie and related cheese (including salty and pungent Roquefort) to Italian cheeses like Pecorino Romano - and everything in between.

    Back to the blind test. At a recent dinner I hosted my guests enjoyed two more expensive table wines - a 2010 Antinori Santa Cristina Sangiovese 750ml that was a big hit, and a Louis Jadot Beaujolais-Villages 2010, both of which were perfect with the salmon in lemon tahini sauce and country style onion soup. I served each guest a glass of this wine and they thought I had dipped into my expensive stash. When I revealed that this was a bulk table wine with no particular pedigree they were amazed.

    My own palate and observations of guest reactions confirm to me that this wine may be sold as a bulk table wine, but it's a cut or two above. It certainly merits consideration as a table wine that is versatile enough to go with most dishes.
  • Danny Otero - Niice!Very easy setup and easy to use. I installed it on my laptop which doesn't have Bluetooth to use with my new Bluetooth speaker. I was impressed that i was immediately able to stream music and listen to my movies quickly with no lag. It picks up all Bluetooth devices. My phone and tablet synced with no problem and i was able to use some features such as streaming music and saving files. I highly recommend if your computer or laptop doesn't have Bluetooth.