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  • Tankeryanker - Stupid gasket designYay for Amazon reviews!!!

    Because I read the reviews on this product, I bought from a merchant that I can return my machine, and I kept the receipt.

    The first time I used it the gasket came off. This is no big deal.

    I left the gasket off and have continued to use it. No mess. No drips. No leaks.

    I gave the product 5 stars because I can use the machine in spite of the poor design.

    This is a company that is still in business in spite of themselves.
  • Carla D. Cooper - wonderful! Repeat customerI have been wearing this make-up line since Nov. 07 and won't switch to anything else. At one point I waited too long to purchase another foundation and in desperation I ran out to the local drug store and purchased "mineral" make-up. The quality of the store bought make-up can not compare to Bare Minerals, HANDS DOWN! The other cheaper stuff smelled heavily of talcum powder, and by far did not provide the coverage I was used to with Bare Minerals.
    I used to be self conscious about my makeup all day, checking on it several times a day and worried that it had smeared off on my shirt. This make-up is worry free. I put it on in the morning, and don't worry about it all day. Plus, I have never had trouble with it rubbing off on to something else or feeling heavy. I highly reccommend this makeup. I have oily skin, and it works great.
    One key to remember is to apply moisturizer prior to the make-up, and you're all set~!
  • Chillyfinger - A Must-readThis book will offend "Christians" who think of the Bible as some kind of magic talisman, never actually reading it closely and critically.

    However, "Zealot" is well within the mainstream of academic thought on the life and times of Jesus. Those who disagree with Aslan will find ample support and references in notes supplied by Aslan himself.

    This book should be required reading in any university course on church history. As one who has spent a lifetime in search of the historical Jesus, I can say that Aslan has answered all my questions, though not in a way that I can accept without raising many new questions!
  • "tertle" - Our medical work teams would not survive without this book!We have been taking medical work teams to Haiti for several years. Our teams have used so many copies of this book to help us through so many diagnosis and treatment problems. We work in remote areas with no other medical help and this book has helped us through many situations! It is so creative.