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  • mandymcmandypants - Freakin phenomenal!!!!The author captures the emotions and feelings of the characters so much to where you feel like you are there. The details of all the love making scenes were exquisite! Very exciting. I laughed, got turned on, cried and just could not put the book down. It is so well-written. Everyone wants a little Christian Grey in their life! DON'T FINISH THE BOOK WITHOUT HAVING THE SECOND ON STANDBY. ITS ADDICTING. I am75% through with the second one already so I gotta purchase the third now. Get it, you will love it.
  • Gina M. Cano - Great Book...I already had a pretty healthy diet but have issues with inflammation due to a cancer medication I've been on for a number of years. The Plan really helped with the pain in my joints and I even dropped a few pounds.
  • Estrallita - Research Murad before you buy a specific productThe murad website has changed, but it still offers resources for specific types of skin aging and also a what is your skin type questionnaire to help you choose what is best for you. This product is wonderful if it is what you need, not just as a highly rated eye cream. it works for me, but may not for you. I have used many murad products and have found the kits are a good way to try and see which products best suit me as I have hormonal and aging issues. Do your research and you will find a mix of murad products that should work for you.
  • Composerkenji - Finale is AmazingI have been using Finale since my student time, early 90s. I really thank the program that I've been using for almost 20 years. Finale made my composer life much easier.

    When I started, I had to learn how to enter notes and make pages. I used my pieces instead of the examples of the tutorials. When I finished my first copy on finale, it was not only my happiness to see my composition look great but also another happiness had come. A publisher saw the piece and decided to publish it, and right after that the piece won an award! It was great thing to be able to print music that cleanly and having easy communication with musicians and publishers.

    I became a music copyist beside composing my own music after that. I was writing and editing mostly large orchestra music. Finale open up new world for me to be able to edit any places in the scores. Playing back was very helpful to find mistakes and correct them. Yes, it was really a big issue to have no mistakes at all because those scores and parts went to major orchestras such as New York Philharmonic, London Symphony etc. No score correction at the rehearsals at all. Time was really big money. I love Finale. Always scores and parts are clean after fixing anything. Occasionally, I write unconventional scores of modern pieces and Finale can do anything. You can create new signs or notes.

    Now, I do my all musical writing on Finale from the beginning. I have a pencil and eraser beside my keyboard and mouse, but I realized I haven't bought music paper for a few years.